Small Business – Content Marketing

There are many reasons why small businesses need to make sure any online marketing work is done correctly, and many get this wrong which is why I  have shared this infographic that originally appeared on Webmag 

It is amazing that some twenty years of internet use by small and medium firms many are still relying on outside specialists or consultants in order to get a message delivered, when it is actually far to important to outsource. I believe that all business owners need to include search engine marketing into their internal practices for a couple of reasons. 

1. It is too important to be outsourced to any third party.

2. The skills and knowledge required are not complex.

3. Only you know your target audience (or should).

With the above in mind the image below shows you how what options you have when sharing your marketing content, and the various types of media you could be using. Of course the issue of targeting needs to be considered before you make any plans, there is no point in putting your messages out there online unless you are applying as much leverage as possible.

Search Engine optimisation, content marketing and creating a buzz around your products and service can be joined together by making the most of the information in this graphic, by using the same content several times (repurposing) you can actually start to get massive leverage from your marketing efforts – an importantly do this in house which means you have control of the process. 

Both the doing and the control is important for all business owners.

Meanwhile if you are looking to get any impartial advice on your options please get in touch.


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