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There’s lots of talk about Artificial Intelligence at the moment and for lots of our sales and marketing work it’s not going to have much of an affect, well at least for the time being.

But for retailers offering run of the mill products I think It’s going to be an issue.

Interesting that Amazon, Apple and Google have all recently launched AI tools that are promising the earth, and with large chunks of the BBC’s online content being ‘machine led and written’ it’s interesting times.

That said, a well crafted email from a friend or trusted individual will do wonders to open doors or lift the spirits and sometimes provide some timely guidance.

One of the reasons you get emails from me.

The game changer in town is Persado, which claims to be taking engagement to a new level, via social and email content that ‘ticks the boxes’ (just hate that phrase).

A lot of multinationals are using Persado as a content/engagement farm and is claiming great results. For me, I’m not buying in to the hype just yet. See when you start to look at the key points on this subject you’ll note…

The English language only has 26 letters, from which there are many millions of books that have been created, some of these have been around since before the printing press – often call Pre Guttenburg books and these continue to sell in the many thousands of copies each year.

It takes a certain kind of human to write information that lasts for more than twenty generations, to engage thoughtfully and to promise answers.

Machines ain’t that good yet. Sure they may be better than the average content writer but never as good as a simple, well crafted message to a friend, or from your GP or Oncologist.

Happy Thursday.

PS – NINJA places are available at the moment but no mentoring positions (sorry have stopped these for the time being).



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