Small Business Advice | Loyalty Schemes For Small Firms.

small_business_loyalty_scheme With competition for limited numbers of customers (seemingly) and the costs of full blown loyalty schemes running into many hundreds of thousands of pounds. Small firms cannot compete, or at least until now.

Over recent months I have finished the processes required to make Customer Loyalty Schemes available at very low cost for small business across the UK.

Now you can compete on your terms.

There are benefits to offering a loyalty scheme to your customers.

  • Increased spend
  • Regular income

Repeat business is far more profitable than new business.

This new system offers  you a:-

  • A membership management package including online and local software.
  • Full messaging facilities – Direct Mail, Email, SMS.
  • Automated and pre created deals and offers.
  • Social media integration.

It puts you as a business owner in control.

Further information is here (.pdf) Small_Business_Loyalty_scheme_SmallBusinessAdviceSussex

You can also contact me here.




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