Small Business – A Walking Meditation Could Save Your Life


This morning, for the first time in months. I just wanted some space, wanted to clear my head. 


My usual walk in Tilgate Forest (park) was halted because I wasn’t feeling it, wasn’t my usual self. Another lockdown has just been called, things are not the same today – the very start of the year that we all thought was going to be different, has become much like the last one ended.

But, that’s OK. That is the life we live. Events happen, they come and go. We can’t stop them happening- whether you agree with the politics or not. Covid -19 is unknown for us and the politicians.

That in mind, we can change our response to it. How we feel, what we do. That is all we ever control. Nothing more.

Today, I decided to recall my walking meditation. To walk and to listen to the repeat of my footsteps on the wet paths, to listen to each step as though it was a beating heart. To slow down that mad man inside my head.

For a moment just focus on each step, as if it were a new life. To focus, like I’ve never focused before on just walking. 

Within seconds, my mind was falling a little more restful, with each step everything seemed to slow down. I could feel myself being more and more present, more and more intune with what  and where  I was – if almost felt like a time stopped moment. 

I walked until I arrived back home. Reliant solely on my non thinking mind – my subconscious to get me there safely, it crossed the road for me, listened for cars and kids on bikes, stray dogs. 

It protected me all the way home, I didn’t notice the rain, it was raining fairly hard by now. 

But a hard splat of ice hit my nose which caused me to stop  and become concerned about that. It really did feel like it was going to bleed. It wasn’t!

Arriving back at the house. I’d been out longer than I thought, walked further than I expected and arrived with a sense of calm that I’d not felt for weeks. My heartbeat felt like it was down in my socks somewhere and my head was slowly coming back to thinking…

Thinking about the day ahead, the stuff to do. The calls to make, the washing to do. Back, if you like in the real world of lockdown, the real world of our lives. 

But for a moment,  I was me. Doing my own thing, in my own space, being with me. My physical world was overtaken by that part of my brain that is more than capable of doing so, more than able to look after me and itself. 

Which left me to myself, to be. To be focused. 

A walking meditation. To relieve stress and anger, to feel better about my day, to be me again. 

Go try it, you’ll love it. Let your mind do it’s thing and look after your physical body whilst you become present, become you. Try it today, you’ll love it. 

And when you’re ready to get a move on with some of the stuff head game stuff, ready to learn what really works get in touch. It’s not complicated – it’s as easy as walking.

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