Simple Stuff

We like to keep things simple over here at The Richard Smith.

A few years ago now we had a vision, a dream about a time where  the following business processes were automated:-

  • Providing updates to our customers automatically.
  • Providing information about our products and services, without posting or faxing brochures and letters.
  • Collecting payments automatically at the time of an order.
  • Being able to contact many thousands of potential customers with updates and revisions whilst we slept.
  • The ability to see off old stock at discounted prices without the grind of taking orders over the telephone or in person.
  • Managing our appointments and diaries on line (great for Hairdressers and the like).

And we went on, thousands of options and none of them could be realised without the Internet, before then things we a lot harder.

(Do you want to know why the rule of 7 is important for your website click here >>)

For us a Dream has been realised. In simple terms if you are spending time in your business doing any of the above  STOP. We can show you a better way.

Our trial service costs less than £15 per month (compare that with Yellow Pages or Local Paper Ad’s) and provides you with the following:-

Your own Internet Domain (your, place on the internet).

Your own Website detailing important information about your business (usually 2 pages).

Blog Software to enable you to maintain contact with your customers.

Free Email to Text Service (where supported by your Mobile Provider most do).  This means even if your Computer is off your customers can still make contact with you.

Your own Business Email Addresses (with Anti Spam Filters included).

A Guaranteed Listing on Google and Google Maps.

Submission to all of the Search Engines.

An update service keeping you up to speed with the latest developments in sales and marketing.

Access to our Online Small Business Marketing Forum, which offers tips, tricks and how to’s.

This range of services is incredible value and will be going up in price very soon.  In fact similar services are available for over £100 per month. The difference is with us, is we guarantee your complete satisfaction of ALL of your money will be refunded at any time in the future. In simple terms if you ever believe we are not adding value to your business or cease to add value to your business we will work for FREE. Simple Eh!

(Do you want to know why Words and the Rule of Seven are important click here >>)

So if you want a Great Service that looks good and works hard for you. call today on 01323 660058. (We know that little things mean a lot that is why even the call to us is FREE).

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