Should You Join Action For Happiness in Horsham ?

Action for happiness is a movement designed to help you feel better, to help you shift life from how how feel now to…

Feeling happier.

Not in a pull ya’self up from your bootstraps way – with a load of positive thinking stuff or surrounding yourself with overly optimistic techniques and being one of these stupidly happy freaks that seem to be in certain places.

But it is about, the science of happiness and using that science to move you from where you are now to a place where you can become happier, where life seems to be a bit more of a breeze than a miserable struggle.

Today is the oldest you have been. And from here, you will only get older, and…

You now have access to technology an tools that our grandparents could only imagine. We know more about how our mind works, how our bodies work and all of us deserve to be using these tools to change our lives, to enhance our lives. To feel better about everything.

And it is possible.  That is here where Action For Happiness comes in.  You’ll learn how to feel better about yourself, how to deal with the detritus of life, how to  adjust how you think to be better, to feel better. How to be more ‘Buddhist’ about the whole thing we call life.

What do I mean by “being more Bhuddist” – I describe that has being more accepting, more relaxed about things that we can’t control, being more interested and amazed about this thing called life, being less judgemental, being more understanding about others, being more I love you and less fuck you.

Once you learn a bit more about how it works you’ll soon notice that it’s a far better way of life. Things become easier, you have less stress and a lot less to worry about. That leaves room for all of the pleasures in life – of which there are many.

If you want some of this in your life, want to feel happier, then come and join us, a group of practical optimists that want to share some of what’s working, what is really making a difference to lives across the world.  You can find the Horsham Group on this map  

Come and join 27 million others that have found that is makes more sense now than ever to start learning some of this stuff.

I look forward to seeing you over there.


PS Meanwhile, if your business needs a kick up the backside to do more, be more then you can get in touch with me here [Small Business Sales and Marketing]

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