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  • Search engine submission is not necessary any more for major search engines like Google , MSN, Yahoo! Search
  • However, it is still worth adding your site to major directories (see below)
  • As for auto-submit services? Don’t bother!
Search Engine Submission
Would you “

NO, don’t bother! It’s a waste of time, and you’ll probably just receive lots of unwanted email.

You don’t even have to submit your site to major search engines like Google, Yahoo! or MSN these days. Just make sure your site gets links from sites already listed on these search engines. Is it that easy? Well yes and no.

Instead, hand-submit your site to important directories (i.e. DMOZ and a few others), monitor your results, and resubmit only if your site isn’t listed yet and at least this is one strategy that will guaranteed your success.

Repeat this process for any new content you create. (Make sure all new content is listed on your site’s sitemap, and that a link to the sitemap can be found on the homepage.)

Your site does contain good page content, decent page title and useful keyword and description meta tags, doesn’t it? If not you have better make contact ASAP, you see there are some very simple mistakes made by many when dealing with this aspect of their business website.

DON’T Submit Your Site To Google, Yahoo!, MSN – not a option any more. This is a must.

Nowadays, your site must be listed on Google, Yahoo! and MSN, agreed! These three search engines are now *the* dominant search engines on the web, and account for the majority of search engine traffic that your site is likely to receive.

Submission to these search engines is easy and you need only submit your home page. Other pages, linked to from the home page, will then get added to the search engine’s database over time.

Actually, you don’t have to submit your site to Google, MSN, and Yahoo! (The search engines used to prefer that you didn’t). It may well find your site anyway, especially if another site (already on Google, MSN, or Yahoo!) has links to your site.

It is worth reading what these search engines says about getting your site listed, though:

Google Search for Webmasters

MSN Search for Site Owners

Yahoo! Submit Your Site make sure you add your site

Once your site is listed on the major search engines, you should hand-submit your site to these other major search directories, also:

Note: regional (and maybe more appropriate) versions of the above search engines exist too.

You can also pay to get your site listed on search engines. But that is the subject of another article.

I suggest to you that search engine submission is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3:

  1. Create quality web pages that your site visitors like AND that the search engines (and directories) like – visit this search engine optimisation page
  2. Find at least one site listed on the major search engines, and get an inbound link from that site to your site (find out how here – about reciprocal linking.)
  3. Slowly, over time, add your site to the important directories too

As long as your site is indexed on search engines like Google, then there’s no need to keep on submitting new pages. Just make sure you maintain a site map, that is accessible from the home page, and add your new pages to the site map as and when you create them. (Read this article to find out how to promote new site content.)

Monitor Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)

After a month or so, check to see if your site exists on the major search engines. (Do a search for your website URL; e.g. do a search for .)

If it isn’t then put more effort into getting a site to link to you that does exist on the search engine. (If your site is not yet on a directory, and it should be according to their terms and conditions, then contact the directory owner with a polite email asking them when your site is likely to get added.)

Search engines and directories can still be a great way of getting free traffic to your website.

But you only need bother with a few search engines these days (particularly Google), and you only need add your site to directories (not search engines).

A little effort and some time spent in this area of your business will reap rewards.

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