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The Power of Dreams

Now my dreams are different to yours, what makes us all unique is that my brain is different to yours, it’s a flat piece of skin you know. If take a sheet of A4 paper, and crunch it up into a ball that’s how your brain is formed.

NB I am no expert I found this on out a documentary or similar. I digress.
So all of our brains are different, all connect in different way, but with the same purpose. Keeping us alive, fed,  and safe. We also use them to think and dream, it’s these dreams that can be used to solve longer term, or bigger problems. The old sages used to call them visions, today I think we could call them dreams, dreams that show up as a ‘gut feeling’ a ‘premonition’  even de’ja va.

They are created by our massive subconscious mind, this is the one that solves most problems and keeps us alive.

Using the conscious mind to get us across a road would leave much of the world littered with bodies.
Now I know I have written before about the brain and our minds, and I have not trying to contradict my earlier comments, I just don’t have all of the answers.
Look there is too much to think about, moving cars, getting limbs to move (just fast enough) hearing, working out direction of sound, sight, what can I see, is that connected to the sounds etc etc.

Only the subconscious mind can get you ready to cross the road, the conscious mind just ain’t quick enough. So, the all powerful, dream creating subconscious mind creates big solutions for us that may or may not be right.

It will create solutions though you just need to ask. This is also a clever little exercise that should blow you away. Write down a problem you presently have, lets say it’s getting new clients into your business. Get yourself an A4 notebook – you should have one with you at all times, but that’s not for here. Note the problem at the top of the page.

Then come up with 5 possible solutions below

But before you do this go over to here. pick a game, any game that involves complete concentration. You know the type that makes kids poke their  tongues out.
or Make sure you pick a HARD one.

If you are into Suduko go here Spend the next 10 minutes getting your conscious mind working on something that occupies it fully for 10 minutes (online timer is here

Once you have done the complete 10 minutes, go back to the 5 possible solutions and start writing. I know you will be surprised , really surprised at the result.

So the next time you go to bed use the power of your subconscious brain (mind) and dreams and ask it a question, “infinite self overnight give me some solutions to……” don’t be surprised if you get woken up with a range of solutions, and be grateful, you did ask!

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