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For many small and medium sized business owners there is a lot that can be done to:-

  • Improve Marketing
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Get New Clients at Low Cost
  • Work Less and Spend More Time Playing Golf.

The big issue is that whilst the information is available for most firms to take advantage of, far to many seem not to be able to ‘join the dots’  and get it all to make sense, and there are a range of reasons for this.

Most are to busy fighting fires to soak up the information, or blame other factors. Financial Advisers it seems will blame everything on Compliance, or the Regulator, Solicitors on the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the local Greengrocer will blame the local superstore, and on and on.

But lets get back to this issue of information, with the changes in the business world over the last 10 years, and then the Credit Crunch over the last 3  change is something that has always been with us and always will be, it’s only the smart business owner that looks for an angle, looks for something that can improve income/sales, and you have choice you can try and take all of this on yourself in the hope that you will understand it.


Partner with someone like us, we can then provide the guidance and the technology you will need moving forward, there is good reason why most new small firms don’t survive  for long, and why a lot of other businesses fall by the wayside when recession strikes. We are  the only Tech Consultants/Sales and Marketing Consultants in the UK that will work solely on a ‘commision share’ – you increase sales we get paid. There is no other firm of sales consultants in the UK that are doing this, why? Who knows.

It is a simple choice and one that will make all of the difference to your business.

I have taken the opportunity to rewrite one of our downloadable manuals, previously only available to subscribers these Seven Steps if used will improve your lot, really.

The link to the downloadable PDF is below, grab yourself a coffee and think about how you can implement any of these into your business, you will love the results I promise.

You can download the manual below.

Updated 7 Steps Manual


Richard Smith
0845 226 9106

“Do nothing get nothing – marketing your business using new technology is easy, once you know” Richard Smith – FSB Member Presentation Manchester 2010

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