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“Pooh Picking” and a connection for  any  Business Owners.
Sunday,  just about to head of for a week in Crete, well earned and even a little excited. Before we finally fly out there are some last minute chores to be done, over to the stable and sort out my Daughters Pony. The ‘carer’ was in place for a week so no major issues there, but the Pooh Picking had not been done for 10 days.

Looks like Dad drew the short straw and I promptly took the wheel barrow out to the field in order to collect at least 2 barrows full. Now for those of you with Horses you will know exactly why this chore needs to be done and will know that there is a incredible amount of pooh created, even by the little ones.

It is not possible to leave  this ‘muck’ in the paddock. One great thing about it (apart from the exercise) is that it creates a  bit of thinking time, like a good walk.

What dawned on me this morning was that, this Paddock full of waste  that would soon starve the field is exactly the same a  as many  Franchises  up and down the country, full of small time clients that will never produce the level of income needed to grow the business, and or just serve to take up time with no intentions of them doing further levels of business or paying you what you or your time is worth.

These need to be Pooh Picked, segmented, proper servicing agreements put in place and others ‘sacked’. Now you know that your Bank (and of course your Wife or Significant other) puts an obligation on you deal with this area of your business, but  I wonder how many really have. Really cleansed your clients properly, worked out what needs to be picked off and put on the muck heap.

As August will very soon be coming to an end and September will start the final quarter work you really should take the opportunity to cleanse your paddock.

Your business will be the better for it and of course  with a narrower focus on some better quality clients you might find you end up doing some better quality business, at the barest minimum you will make yourself some time and this is the only thing the levels all of us.

Some spare time may allow you to finally make the quality decisions your business needs. Use it wisely, as they say in the management manuals, you will never ever end up rich or happy doing low value work for low value clients.  If you really want to work for free try volunteering at the local School  or similar  they really do need your help at the moment.

Happy Pooh Picking

Richard Smith

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