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Sometimes a number of random thoughts come into my mind, for no reason.

This morning it was my mother, and then shortly after a thought about my sister. It seems whatever happens in my world – the inner voice of mine – Hounslow wants me to think about something else. That is how our minds work. Even when you want to stay focused it has other ideas. 

You need to resist that. 

 One of my constant internal  themes in 2013 and 2014 was stuckness. How stuck I was?

 Well, that feeling has not gone away but I am not writing about it anymore. I just don’t want to face that one. 2020 has been a year of feeling helpless, of feeling stuck. That has not been the reality of my year so far, I’ve got plenty done and moved forward in many areas. But the feeling has not gone away. 

Debt is going to be the crisis that shouts most loudly as we start to come out of this Covid-19 induced shutdown. (this is what, the third now  – NYE 2020).  With redundancy and the loss of jobs, we’ll soon be in the middle of something far worse than we’ve had before and that will bring a huge level of sadness across many sectors of the population. 

This is something I know about and should be able to make money from. 

Does that sound shallow/sad or is that not the way of our lives right now (or forever) for every loser there is a winner. Does that sound greedy or insensitive? It feels like a practical reality to me right now. Like some kind of Darwinian experiment – survival of the fittest and all that. 

There is no shortage of money, but the money you want is in the control of someone else right now.

The whole headspace stuff is also important right now.

I’m sure that by combining the two is a way forward  – Money Matters is going to be a thing in the short term future. 

My own early life was dominated by a shortage of money.

Why is that? What was it my mother did that caused her to have no money, why did she not deal with that. Is there/was she caught in this whole benefit trap situation?

Or was it simply that, with four young children she could not work.


It is clear that there is always space for to push forward a kind of done for you Money Advice service with some bolt on options as a product for sale, it does not need to be any more complicated than that.

A Money Advice Service that actually works to bring financial solutions instead of selling them products. Passing on the skills to make money. This should be a perennial product or service. Money management is not taught in schools, few really understand it. 

Making money should be like growing food or having your own allotment, having a side hustle should be like learning to make your own bread or growing your own vegetables. 

Something that we should all know, something that we can all do. At the same time, the skills needed (if they are skills) to manage your own pot of money is something that must be taught to and by everyone.

The mindset and mind management tools must also be learned – the levels of depression we have can be cured (yup, I know that’s a banned word). 

To make the next five years, far better than the last twenty and I am not able to do that if I keep moving on the road of inaction.

That word action has come up again. This will be a familiar one for me. S

I am already thinking about the business ideas that could come from this.  Only there seems to be more ideas coming than there is action. As is usual for me. Take Richard Wilkins BC ideas and wrap them into a Money Advice Service and combine that with coaching and hands-on expertise and this should be a model that works for all.

BC stuff is very powerful. Identity change is all about the habits we grow and use. Small Beetle Steps to bring the change required.

Now there is an idea.

This also fits in with my bigger picture stuff about changing the world. Giving people the tools they need to make a difference, to make the difference and that is worthy, that is how I can reinvent myself. By thinking more and then acting in a decisive way it is possible to change the world.

To make the future more controllable – and that human trait of control is one that we are losing. Having control of our actions and of our responses is the only thing we do control.

Having control of our own money, of our own business – our own side hustle means that we will have time to take on the political work, the environmental work to really solve some of our problems.

The old methods are not working. Education Get a job Get married By a house Have kids Retire Die

None of these are working. The medium-term future does not look like that for those under thirty. And that is where the change is needed. It is not going to be given to them, offered up by the present system. We have a bunch of greys, working to support a bunch of grey voters who will not have to live by the decisions they are taking now.

Control of stuff, of our own futures, has to be wrestled back. It’s not going to be given to us, it has to be wrestled and fought over – and then won. Although that is a bit aggressive but does nutshell where things need to be.

There is no change coming, there is no White Knight the system wants the system to keep working as it is. And that is not going to be the one that wins.

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