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Without any doubt the Internet has changed the way we live, work and do business.

As the “facebook and bebo” users start to come of age, us business people need to engage our potential customers at a different level, and email is one of the Killer Applications to do this.

With the advent of a 24 hour connected world and Black Berries and Vodafone Storms guiding the way, very soon all of your customers will expect some kind of Email/sms or Web connection.

You see what this current recession is showing us, is that those firms that get it right are the firms that will survive (Woolworths failed, Argos survives) the difference between the two is *TECHNOLOGY and how they interact with their customers. (*well at least this was one major reason for failure)

So if you are not, who is?

If you are not planning too, who is?

Fail to take your ’Internet/Technology presence seriously, find out who out of your competitors is because they will be stealing your business.

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