Instead of waiting for the proverbial to hit the fan, get in touch. Let me demonstrate how to solve one of your business problems, you know, the one that’s pressing on your neck and will end up suffocating you if you let it.

Let me do it without being an arse or without offering you a ‘complete package’ of “sustainable systems processes congruent with modern business practice” or whatever bloody buzzwords in use today. I get shizzle done.

Modern Business Needn’t Be A Problem.

I’m a modern-day Gun for Hire. I’ve a solid background in online lead generation and business development both inside and outside of financial services firms. If you are sick and tired of faffing around with SEO/PPC and the hundreds of other new media specialists and want to get a shimmy on and actually increase sales – like a in a direct way. If you’ve cash flow issues that need resolving – or just generally have a pile of small business problems that just ain’t going away – I am ya man. 

Happy working for a day, week or month in your business. Soothing those sore spots and improving everything I touch – in confidence and without the ongoing costs of a messy contract. Making things easy for small businesses is what I do.

Get in touch. You’ll be pleased you did. 

So Here We Are  – Running A Modern Business

If you are anything like me you’ll understand the marvel of the world we live in. Everything is amazing once you start to dig into it –  drop down the rabbit hole. 

One of the wonderful things about having your own business, running your own show is that you can take advantage of newly found knowledge before your competition has even realised what you are up to.

With that in mind, mull this over for a moment, I promise it will be worth your while.

Can you imagine how powerful it would be your own  business immune system one that protected you from the bad news that is coming [it’s always coming], how about creating something that allowed you to have position in your market that is absolutely protected, with increased cash flow to enjoy and getting levels of repeat business that others could only look at with envy.  

Now, it’s probably not possible to build a system like this, one that works automatically like our own human immune system, sure it may not be for you now – but it’s one of the things I am good at. By learning about what’s around you, understanding how things work at a micro level will offer insights as to how to make everything work for your business – instead of against it. It’s not about getting page likes on Flakebook or shares on Twitter – it’s about really growing your position in a market place and then automating it. 

Sure this is not for everyone, some of you don’t believe it’s possible for things to be easier than ever before, and that’s fine. I can’t work with everyone so that suits me. Thank you for your time so far. 

Nikki Hobbs [50% Shareholder in a thirty year old I.T business] said about me …. “I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking to increase the success of their business.” I told her to get out and start another business – as her business model was broken.

I work with small firms to deal with some of this stuff, to sort the wheat from the chaff and give you the tools to grow and when you are ready to start thinking about the small stuff, the many micro bits of your business that are harming your profits and your positioning- get in touch. I’ll give you thirty minutes free for starters.

Here Are Some Business Lessons

We are surrounded by tiny bacteria that act and do things differently, these tiny creatures that have been around for millions of years, certainly long before humans came along, know exactly how to manage things for their own survival – and if you are not sure about what you can learn from them you are in for a surprise.

See, they create their own world, their own environment. Some even make their own food, many can communicate with each other and are a lot smarter than we think. Interesting to note that they thrive but do little damage to their environment whereas us humans…

What most businesses do when they have a problem is to look for a solution outside. Outside of the business or even outside of the working environment and that’s a problem. 

If you have an internal problem you’ll need an internal solution. Many of the drugs we are prescribed for particular illnesses are designed to kick start our own immune system to solve a problem internally. Plants and other animals also have biological processes and are no different to humans on their insides. Just like the inside edges of your business – each has a system and in order to survive, you just need to work that system. A different business has different insides, which is what makes the difference.

The mistake that’s made by many small business owners is that they forget to look at what  really matters, and that is deep inside the existing pattern of working, deep inside the existing business.  Going deep is where you find your niche products, where you find your best customers. It’s where the money is. it’s where the sweet spot lies.

As soon as you are ready slide into an easier business – drop me an email or Whatsapp on 0774 007 6226 let me know a good time for me to call and I’ll schedule it. We can then talk about what sales and marketing problems I can solve for you.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it’s likely that if sales are down or cash flow and profits are not as good as they once were, there will be other strains within your organisation – even if there is no strain there will be a need to increase profit or just make things a bit easier.

Looking at any one of the things you do every day/week and testing it by asking a couple of questions about it will soon allow you some further insight as to how to solve the more money less work conundrum. 

Now, listen up. I don’t want to blow smoke up your backside and tell you that the complex issues in your marketing strategy can be managed away in a moment they can’t. Nor will I tell that the arse you employ in accounts can be got rid of overnight. But I do want to tell you that there are some things you can do, some micro changes you can make that will make it all a bit easier.

Having spent the last thirty years working within complex financial services firms I understand how to simplify the world of sales and marketing we all live in today and also bring in the tech you need without breaking the bank – increased sales, easier. What’s not to love.

I’m sure you’ve heard of some of these…

  • Search marketing
  • Search Engine optimisation
  • Social media marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • Digital medium 

All of these miss the point, miss the fact that biological process trumps them all and has been doing so, like forever. It’s one of the reasons you got a letter from me instead of a dm or a  Linkedin message.

Fact is, all of these things that you are told you need to have are all just tactics – another tool in a box of developing a business – indeed the fastest growing businesses are those that help other businesses with ‘digital’. Like the Gold Rush or Ford making motor cars there is a rush towards bright new things.

Reality is your customer has not changed in tens of thousands of years, the gene pool they are from is very close to the one that very first Aborigine’s had some fifty thousand years ago. 

In their brain, social media is just noise, Youtube is just like the TV was only the screen is smaller and Facebook is where pictures of fluffy kittens abound and that ex from school that’s now stalking you. 

And on the inside of your customers, they are being controlled by a whole ton of tiny bacteria that have been in charge of humans for millions of years, it’s said we were a stomach full of bacteria before we evolved arms and legs – more like a slug than anything else.

Since then, these little critters have created their own ecosystem, maintaining their own food supply, holding pockets of oxygen and other nutrients and making sure they’ll survive for the next million years – or at least keep multiplying to ensure the success of their ilk.

Your business should be no different. It should be its own ecosystem, with it’s own self replicating and organising system to make sure it survives – and hopefully without you at the helm – if you’ve not had a day off for a while, perhaps you genuinely need to look at the systems you are employing, if you can’t invest £10 into marketing and business development and not get back £40, £50 or a £100 return you are doing something wrong. 

Unlike the other experts you’ll come across (and by the way they are not) I’m a bit different, I’m a bit older and wiser, I understand how important systems and principles are. I don’t care about tactics or short term fixes, I don’t care how ‘all singing and all dancing’ your website is or how great your social profiles are – there is a 99% chance you’re wasting time with these.

As soon as you are ready slide into an easier business – drop me an email or Whatsapp on 0774 007 6226 let me know a good time for me to call and I’ll schedule it. We can then talk about what sales and marketing problems I can solve for you.

If making decisions now for the long term, to help solve problems in your business is something you think you could with, or if you are just not sure where your next avoidable emergency will come from, get in touch. Let’s meet – we can talk biology or business. Both of which will solve problems for you.

Or use the form below, no charge or obligation – just answers and ways forward.


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