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I don’t like being a truth sayer.  Continually explaining how bad the current systems really are and then outlining the options, covering the doom with glee and enjoyment.

It’s not something that my mind really wants me to be. I find myself resisting it, looking to do anything but comment on it. Write about it. But I can’t. If you like, the older I get  – then the more of a practical optimist I become.

The reality is something is not right with this world, with our systems, our politics or our people. So I may as well just come right on out with what’s on my mind..

The Mindset Stuff. Which truly still interests me will also be featured quite a bit more in all of my websites. 

Which is why I called the podcast Money Mindset and Business Matters surely. 

I have a pretty short time span now to get this stuff done- having said that. It’s likely that my medium term future will be decades, so there is no excuse. But my clock, like yours, is ticking.

Now is the time, the after Covid world is going to look and feel very different. As small business owners we  can steal a march on the competition. We can make good money while others flounder. And we can do it in the right way. 

The new normal can be exploited which is where I think all small business owners need to be.

Focused on the new world, the post Covid plan.

This kind of fits with some ‘head game’ stuff I’ve been looking into recently.

Identity Change

I have been reading more and more about this over the last few days and it does appear that this is required before anything can else move forward. 

Our belief system as humans is the one thing that drives us and without a change of beliefs, not a lot can really change. Those of us trying to diet, to give up substances or to become something else must learn that real change can only come from identity change and it’s this that is the way forward. 

Something else I wished someone had explained to me when I was in my twenties.

It can’t be right that our systems are so broken that they can’t be exploited for good. 

It can’t be right that as a species, we live for eighty years or so and forty of these are given up to working hard and that we are unable to exploit the system in order to get the change needed.  We know the  place  where we live is being damaged by us and by the way we live our lives but we do not have the time to stop it, to find different ways of dealing with the issue. 

We must find a way of doing things differently.

This is now my mission. 

To explain how our heads work, to consider how our money should be working for us, to explain how we are exploited by them [whoever they are] and what we should be doing to make sure it is us that exploits the system in our favour and for the benefit of others. The world.  

How we can adapt/adopt new practices in order to bring the change needed. That change needs to be…

Politically- the present system is not working.

 Environmentally – we need to stop using up.

Financially – we need to learn how to make money work.

Psychologically – we need to learn to use our heads

These areas are the ones that I have some answers, they may not be correct now, and maybe not all – but some. 

The right solutions will only come from our heads and the some solutions may have been tried and tested before which means we need to find more systems or adapt those that are not working.

Perhaps the 100 hours rule will be the start, perhaps there may be a 200-hour rule for more in depth knowledge on a subject. But we all need to be prepared to put in the work and make the changes, to learn the stuff.

It’s The Internet Stupid

Jesus, we have the internet now and that is one of the most valuable tools at our disposal – if you and I are not able to leverage that then I don’t know what would help – can you imagine being in 1961 when I was born (that world I always imagine to be in black and white). 

In 1961 having access to the entire world of information, the entire world of knowledge – at your fingertips knowing that you find out about anything and use that for personal change. For learning new things- can you imagine how much that would impact your future.

Reality is 2021 is your 1961. You will look back on these days and ask yourself – why didn’t I do more with the opportunity offered. Why did I sit on my backside, why did I not take any action?

The time is now. The right time is now.

Come join me, let us take two minds and build from there.


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