Podcasting – why all businesses need to use this tool.



Pod casting

There are so many reasons for your small business to be making your own podcast. It is possibly the easiest way to start engaging with new and existing customer – when they want – pulling them towards you, rather than conventional marketing when you push content towards them.

With the massive increase in the number of ‘smart phones’ now available, nearly everyone of your customers – existing and potential can get access to your content – when they want.

Sure, it’s a different form of marketing. But it allows you to engage and provide important information about your services and products, most important is that it’s long lived. You can reuse the content time and time again – as customers loop through your sales cycle you can engage and entertain – without having to recreate anything.

You only need consider the explosion in podcasting everywhere. I’ve been looking at some of the statistics, there are over 24,000 downloads of a photography podcast, the Art of Charm has over 80,000 per episode. The BBC have been offering much of their content as podcasts for over ten years and have now had more than one billion downloads.  This is a sector that your small business can’t ignore.

Sharing your expertise and your knowledge via a podcast is one of the easiest ways of building credibility,

Why your small business needs to start podcasting.

  • Technology, streaming is now available to everyone
  • Radio, is a medium we are all used to. Podcasting is the new radio
  • You are able to produce content that you control
  • Podcasting helps build your brand and your business
  • It will help you become the go to people in your field
  • It’s easy to do
  • It lasts forever
  • It can be leveraged and shared across many platforms
  • You’ll benefit from the very modern search engines like iTunes and Stitcher
  • You can also reuse your content using the video platforms like YouTube

I can help you with a package to get you started comma 5 podcast plus editing and help with content. a full listing on iTunes and Stitcher along with the creation of your bio and the imagery. Supported by my content finding worksheets and training materials. Get in touch for some more information, meanwhile my September 2018 podcast is below.

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