Podcast Special – Retail Businesses

In this issue of the podcast – 2019 – What is next, what can you do?

Your Retail Environment – what is yours like?
– what needs creating?
-The NEXT Model – with concessions like Paperchase, Virgin and Costa

Making it easy.
Offline – online / Online – offline
Click and collect – paid in advance and unpaid
Online lists – Wish List, Birthday List, Save for Later, email reminder list, repeat order
Coming soon
Budget payments, laydown plans
Use of vouchers

If you web designer/expert can’t help with any of these get in touch – before you go out of business.

Social sharing
What do you stand for?

  • Green topics, etc. Dedicated content


  • Joint ventures
  • Articles in related magazines
  • Charities
  • Friends and family

Things are not working like they once were, changes are coming whether you like them or not. Key for you is – do you want to be facilitator or change or the victim of it.

Customers want to feel good, do you make that easy for them? Local Barmaid/Man- of a good pub is smiling, bubbly, helpful, chatty, welcoming, wants to see you, wants to take your money.

Pop into some of the retail environments – staff are miserable and unhelpful.

Liberty of London TV documentary – staff understand that there needs to be a level of engagement, of follow up. Customers are happy with follow up, want to be loved, want to be invited back – yet most firms end up with objections.

Data protection, no time, customers don’t want to know, don’t want follow up. Yet the evidence is the opposite – customers do want to be loved, do want to buy more, do want the interaction, do want smiley faces and to deal with the same person when they return – one contact.

Build the relationship, build the interaction, make it different, make business stand out a little and you’ll find that it all becomes very easy.

This is important – looking at your existing processes, looking at what you are currently doing won’t help you – it’s not working like it once did.

Try this exercise, pop out and go and buy something else, try upmarket and mid market – try a couple of retailers that you perceive as doing better than you, go and buy something – or try and buy something. Make some notes on the experience, what they did, better or worse.

How can you build on this? What can you do make the difference? Don’t scrap your existing systems and way of working just yet – but test some things on the side, ask your customers what they want?

You’ll be surprised – most of the time they’ll tell you what you should change.

Thank, you.

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