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In December 2010 Loraine was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, the lump was
discovered in November (Pea sized) and was just under Matchbox size within
3 weeks. Of course we were all devastated initially.

Some 6 months later, one course of Chemotherapy, followed by Herceptin and
soon to start Radiotherapy seems to be working. All of the specialists seem
to think that another 10 years of life is seemingly guaranteed.

None of us know how long we have, but at least we know that there will be
no chance of Breast Cancer for at least that long.

In the last few years I have always increased my donation to Cancer Research
rather than Flowers at all of the funerals I have attended in recent years.

I am sure that without the research my own personal situation could have
been a lot different, so for that I am grateful.

When speaking with the various consultants, it’s clear that Cancer treatments
have been transformed over the last 10 years. The good news is that at least
3 I have spoken to confirmed that the work Cancer Resesarch do is saving lives.

I would therefore appreciate your help.

My Wife is taking part in the ‘race for life’ to raise further money for Cancer
Research and of course I want to raise as much as possible.

In my recent presentations to Local Businesses (Via the FSB and Sussex Enterprise)
my offer to donate at least 50% of the income generated has raised some
significant funding for them and  I would like to do some more.

Therefore I have a little appeal, if you can help in any way it would
be appreciated.

If you can help in anyway (no matter how small) it would be very much appreciated.

Personally Cancer is always something that happens to someone else, and I now know
that is not the case.

Thanks for your support.

Richard Smith

PS For all donations over £35 I will provide you with a copy of my Business Blogging Manual (just donate and email me the request)
and for all donations over £250 I will provide you with the Blogging Manual, 1 years hosting for your independent blog (professionally installed and set up) along with a new domain along with support for 12 months.


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