October 2020 Podcast – Post Covid….


Here we are, back again with another – loaded with content small business podcast. Plenty to go on in here.


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1. This is the new normal.
Post the big lockdown it seems we are going be having lots of mini lockdowns.
Further, Brexit, changing workplaces and of course changing consumer habits.
All of these point to a change in businesses in all sectors.

More online and delivery.
More click and collect.

E- Shops now widely available at relatively low cost.
Good website hosting sorts the speed issue out and, security fears and data loss can be resolved quite easily.

Bonus – More online working and file sharing
More remote work – fewer client visits – against an increased spend on tech.

2. GMB (Google My Business)  – how to sort these out once and for all.

Google are promoting Google My Business in the USA as a paid-for option.
As a UK based business, there are several benefits to using this as a tool for your business.

Frontpage listing in many instances.
Can add content and showcase work
Can collect reviews and endorsements
Can engage with new and old clients – even new ones

Stats are impressive.

Even better news is – most local firms won’t bother.

But even if they do –
If your business has a hundred great reviews
Is fully populated with information and possibly vouchers
Has updated and fresh ‘non salesy’ content

Your competitors will take a long while to catch up with you.


3. Thriving – engagement – share the love, be nice.

Social media is seen as the one tool that changes everything for businesses. Sure I would agree that it makes sense for many to have a presence. That said, it’s a time sink and can become addictive – and produce limited results. Importantly, if you consider the changes in recent years – to Facebook for example – it used to show your business posts and promotions to all of your followers and now it doesn’t, similar rules in place over at Instagram.

Importantly, there is the issue of true engagement. Who is really engaging with your content and what do they do next. With most of the social platforms – it’s controlled by them. So you have to be careful as to how much time you actually spend on producing content just for the social platforms. One answer here is to take all of your content.

Focus on your customer, how much you can share with them, how much value you can add.
Multi purpose that content, break it down into usable chunks – mini-posts, and then use an automated tool to slowly drip content out.

Then use it as content for your website, podcasts, short videos and cross sharing on social media.

Then make sure you use as email content to engage with and fire up existing customers – these are the people that already know you and
love you.

Importantly, email, sms, whatsapp all allow you to keep control of your customer so you can message them directly.

They do want to hear from you. They do want to know about your products and services, they are interested.

Treat every customer as though they are going to be a customer for a hundred years.

4. Facebook advertising.
Next month – how I fared with Facebook advertising?

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