Not Giving A F$%@K May Well Change Your Business Life

I know a thing or two about business. Having had one or two back in the day, and now mentoring a number of start up’s  I have seen a lot.

Owners and managers sweating over the small stuff; like colour choices for fonts and images. Decisions about Pinterest or Instagram. Having dreary conversations about the choice of bank accounts and payment processors.

Don’t get me wrong, these are important. But they ain’t as important as actually getting stuff done, and doing it today.

Watch this short video – Bob Newhart is not everyone’s taste but he gets the point across.

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What’s the message from Bob?


Stopping doing things that either cause harm or that don’t move you forward today and your business will be better for it. How much better? Who knows.

We all get in the groove of busyness, of doing stuff as the solution. Problem with that is; it’s an illusion. All you and  I need to do is enough to get the result we need. Call a client, chat to a possible introducer. Get some short market research done and then call a new supplier with a product that you may be able to sell/cross sell/ upsell.

Your options here are unlimited, but in order to increase your sales, in order to get the profits you want you just need to focus on a couple of things. But you do need to do them.

In order to get some focus on these things do this little exercise today (it’s based on an idea from Sarah Knights Book –  Life Changing….)

  1. List down your daily activity roughly. What is it you do for the twelve hours per day you are awake.
  2. Once you have the list, study them. See what items on there add some value or just waste time. E.g chatting with sales people about non work related stuff, watching the news or listening to Talk Sport. Things you really hate doing, write them down.
  3. The things you hate doing, stop them, outsource or delegate. With regard to the others, just stop them. If you only free up an hour a day you will get five extra hours per week. And I can assure you that this will start to have an impact.
  4. By caring less about the things that don’t matter, and more about the things that do. You’ll be more focused, more energised to get some good stuff done.

Go on, try it today and see how it goes. I know you’ll be surprised.

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