Self Employed in 2019 – How Much Has Changed?

Can it be that it was all so simple then
Or has time rewritten every line If we had the chance to do it all again, tell me, would we, could we. Barbera Striesand – The Way We Were.


It’s probably not only me that feels like the world of the self employed business owner has changed much in the last five years, let alone in the past twenty.  Some of you will remember the days when being self employed was a wise choice; if only for tax reasons.

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Builders, jobbing plumbers and most building trade workers opted for contract work rather than employment. Drop in some private work and the whole self employed thing started to make sense, pay a bit less tax and get some flexibility in your life and finally take control. I’ll take of the ‘rose tinteds’ now, boom back in the room.

Self Employment in 2017

Jeez, shit how things have changed!

The VAT/IR inspectors are now taking  much more of an interest

Doreen who used to do the books is retiring

You can’t use a computer and the accountant wants you to be “electronic”

Website and online marketing  – WTF is that all about

All you ever wanted from your self employment was a bit of freedom and a bit less tax; doesn’t seem much to ask for does it?

If you’re sick of having to deal with any of the normal day to problems arising, like.

  • Cashflow – getting the money in and on time
  • Spreading your marketing message to new markets
  • Doing less quotes and getting more work
  • Managing your tax affairs in  a way that makes sense (w/o breaking the law)
  • Growing your business so you work less
  • Dealing with your personal finance matters, like pensions and debts
  • Building in some automation – so you don’t have to keep chasing stuff

I have a plan for you, something that I know will solve some of these problems for you.

Here Is The Deal

I run a little private world – Self Employed Ninja’s. Where I help people like you focus on solving some of these problems, and a lot more. But, I do it with you in a safe and controlled way, usually over a period of months.

This group  group of Super Self Employed – I like to call then Ninja’s ‘cos they will all know how to use the modern (and often dark) arts to grow a business on your terms, without the hassle and upset that normally arrives.

  • learn how to leverage a number of marketing plans to attract the right sort of clients
  • find out more about using your finances and digital options to improve profitablity
  • increase workflow and have more time out of the work environment

Basically working with you, to transform what you do and how you do it, with an eye on improving the bottom line.

Even if you are not sure now, you can get my freebie “ten day” course which has a bucket load of business (life) improving stuff, you can get that below.

You can subscribe to my email service  below – your details are never shared or loaned.

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You’ll get access to me and my business skills (over thirty years of solid, plenty of fuckup experience), my team of advisers and support staff, who’ll help with all the web based stuff and marketing matters, basically all you need to move your business forward.

To help you…

  1. Pay less tax
  2. Manage your personal finances
  3. Improve profits
  4. Save time
  5. Find and sell to better clients
  6. To create an online presence with tools and assistance

And provide you with an all singing all dancing website (new) all hosted and set up in your name with your branding  – I do this because it so important to get right and most web designers don’t – simples.

You also get access to cutting edge marketing tools and guidance, unlimited email support and access to the rest of the group – who are also self employed  and running varied businesses.

Online workshops and activitys (all recorded and left on the site). I also share my  secret advice and tools – that you’ll never see in normal  emails, content creation tips to attract the right sort of clients along with how-to do/make/fix  business education and loads of tutorials and critiques so you can  get your business doing better.

  • Better marketing
  • Better automation
  • Better profits
  • Better lifestyle

Note –  If you decide to join us – The Ninja’s – you’ll get an invite to  the Ninja curry once a quarter, these are often messy –  but again your choice. However the Monthly Mastermind meeting is included and not optional.

We get together once a month and bounce off of each other, what’s working, what’s not, who’s doing what and who’s making hay/bacon/love and who’s not. We work out problems together in a non threatening environment – looking a prat is acceptable, we all learn from that.

Look, this isn’t some kind of ‘pull yourself up by the bootstraps’ motivational programme – where you can turn up, get fired up and leave… until next month.

It’s a fiery little  club for those that want to learn how to move from being  self employed to being a business owner, how to grow and improve – in a safe and proven environment.  I share with you the exact plans that are working now, in real businesses up and and down the country, you’ll also get to hear from others who are also in the ‘thick of it’.

Important, there are no fucktards allowed in  No one shouting “do this, make a million overnight” bullshit.  Just, clear advice, upto date howto stuff and a boot up the backside – or a hug when you need it.

It’s for you self employed gals or guy’s that demand change, to do more and to have more by working a lot smarter and not harder.

Ready to join my group of Self Employed Ninja’s  – Yes Let Me In (link to Direct Debit gateway.

You can subscribe to my email service  below – your details are never shared or loaned.

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