My Inner Dickhead Continued

In this series of posts I share some of my daily journal. These are a bit sweary and often contain stuff about my pre adult life.  I hope they help you.  Importantly, don’t expect them to be cohesive, to make sense. These are my raw brain dump. Head trash removal.

Yesterday I spent a little time going over the Hounslow issue.

Today it’s the scouser,  the stepfather who, despite his overwhelming…

Our relationship was not an easy one – there was always an unease. He is and was a liar. As my uncle Bill said ‘there is something about that geezer’.

For me writing about him, about the twenty-odd years of him in my life is a hard one. Not because of any loyalty or concern towards him. In fact the opposite. But I wanted to relive some of the crap.

A fleeting sentence has just run through my mind – why? Why should I give him anymore?

Fact is. I am grateful. I had the most brilliant ‘life’ teacher there could ever. He taught me absolutely everything about life, how not to live it, how not to do things and for that I am, not only grateful but over the moon to have learned. It has saved me having to learn them myself. So that is all good. So instead of reliving the ‘lamp’ moment one more time, instead of rethinking the voices from downstairs, I am just going to say this.

Some people you meet in your life are just despicable, are just scum – in the sense that kiddy fiddlers are, in the way that those men who beat women are, in the sense that rapists are. He was one of those. And that is it. No more to be said.

The last 262 words on the matter.

Feel free to beat me to a pulp if I consider this man again. I won’t.

Yesterday, Loraine and I spent the afternoon at the Living Museum at Goodwood. A reminder of lives gone. No matter how hard it seems to be now, no matter how difficult modern lives seem we are not living in the 13th or 14th century Britain and we don’t have the absolute poverty that went along with lives then. Sure we have some slightly different problems but none that are really as tough as then.

Everything was a struggle then. I am sure we will look back on 2020 as a time of struggle. With mental health now becoming more and more of a problem and less and less effort put towards solving the problems of youth. This is a thing…

… the focus on Governments here in the West are on voters, on taxpayers and not on solving the problems, dealing with the issues.

And that has to be the business idea of now of today.

Solving the problems. The problem of making money, of freedom, of the environment of the mental health inside a generation that seems ill-equipped to take on the task ahead, to fight for

The whole idea of solving problems appeals to me. Letting go of unattractive ideas. Letting go of things that are not working.

Helping people say no. Helping people understand that they do have choices. Knowing that you can take control, that you can change things.

That you can learn the skills of the ages – that I can teach this. I can be the motivational speaker that I would like to be.

Showing that identity can be changed. The mental health issues can be overcome without drugs. More BC and Money Trainers combined. Showing that we can learn skills in 100 hours that can be sold some of which will help with the ‘trading time for money’

Look where I have come in the last few days – my ID – Hounslow – working out how that has been holding me back. Over the next few months, we are going to see great change and this is exactly what the world needs now.

See, people think they can change, can’t get change. Can’t make the system work for them and can’t deal with the problems they face. Only if you are forced to spend all of your time dealing with problems – then life changes. All of a sudden there is focus on the important bits, the bits that change lives.

Going above the problem leads us to a different solution. If we go above the problem, the problem does not appear.

This is part thinking and part problem solving. We all think that money is the problem – but few of us want to spend time working for more money – most of us would gladly leave behind a million pounds to cure a loved one of cancer. This means that money is the issue – the relationship is an issue. Therefore finding meaningful relationships is more important than being a millionaire. This indicates that we don’t have a money problem, we have a relationship problem.

We can all be happy without money – indeed most of us are. Therefore making sure we can earn/make enough to live on should start to solve some of our problems – because once we have enough money coming in – then we can spend more quality time on learning, on relationships on friendships.

These are the things that make the difference, these are the things that save lives, that solves problems.

When you are ready to start taking on some of these issues and working through them, with genuine effort to solve them. Then please get in touch

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