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Mud Mate – A Bottle Top Cleaning Brush

The MudMate Universal Cleaning Brush – washes, scrubs and rinses all in one easy to use cleaning tool. Designed with care and with the environmentally conscious person in mind, the MudMate allows you to upcycle, recycle and re-use disposable plastic bottles.

Wash Scrub Rinse and Clean without a bucket or hose in sight.

Designed to make the most of one used drinks bottle – and a little water the Mud Mate makes cleaning dirt and mud easy wherever you are.

Oue reviewer on Amazon said “Great idea and really does the job it’s designed to do…. Fantastic that it fits to any used plastic bottle which is a great idea! Not only cleans my golf shoes perfectly but my trolley wheels too and I’m discovering other uses too!

Highly recommended

Leave dirt behind with a Mud Mate in your bag – comes in its own carry case with a micro cloth – you can see it in action in the videos below.

  • Horse riding kit – tack etc
  • Sports – boots – rugby and football
  • Field Sports – don’t get the Range Rover dirty.
  • Small children and Dogs- give them a scrub before they get in the car
  • Cleans walking shoes and kids wellies.


There has been a whole load of things going on at MUDMATE.

  1. New POS packaging for display
  2. BeachMate introduced

Instead of struggling to get your feet clean when leaving the beach you can now have a BeachMate with you – instantly wash off the sand and grit.

Short Video for Mudmate

Existing customers have raved about this solution to the ‘mud and dirt problem ‘

PKTS said

“I love this product. I used it on my walking shoes and also on my kids wellies and its amazing. It comes in a lovely little box so when I’ve finished with the brush I can store it in the boot of my car when out and about. All I did was screw it on an old soft drinks bottle ( yea I get to upcycle as well) and scrub away – so easy. No more muddy shoes and boots in my car”

Lyndsay said – Fantastic – Wellie Scrub – love the box it comes in.

“Bought this for my son to scrub his wellies which come home covered in mud from school each day. He loves it! It takes coke/Pepsi/irn bru 500ml size bottles or any bottle with that size neck. The bristles are hard and it comes in a neat plastic storage box along with a microfibre cloth. This is a brilliant way to get your shoes/boots clean”

MW said – Cleaning boots after long walks

I love it. Perfect for cleaning your boots after a long walk so your car stays clean. Really good being able to use different sized bottles and seal them to avoid leaks.
Thank you”

Jane Moffat said – Riding boots cleaned in a flash.

“I’m a country person through and through, and that means mud! I bought this little beauty in a whim and it’s amazing. It screws on to a pop bottle and washes off mucky walking boots and riding boots in seconds. No more will I be shouted at for leaving mud in the car! It works a treat on hooves, too. I thoroughly recommend it.”

Gail said – she uses it to clean her pram wheels.

Great product. I use it for cleaning my pram wheels. I also use it to clean the writing on a gravestone.


Simply screw the MudMate onto your unwanted bottle* and away you go. The MudMate provides the perfect combination of water to wash and rinse and tough resilient brush bristles to scrub, scrape and wipe away mud and dirt and tackle a multitude of dirty cleaning jobs in the home or garden. Perfect for cleaning muddy footwear such as trainers, football and rugby boots, running shoes, hiking boots, wellies and golfing shoes. Much cleaner and more effective than the old-fashioned door mat!

Great for sports people and outdoors enthusiasts; clean your mountain bike, hiking kit, golf cart or fishing tackle trolley before the mud can get transferred into your car boot! Busy parents; are you sick of muddy, dirty pushchair or buggy wheels messing up your home or car? The MudMate is small, light and portable and will soon have those filthy wheels clean and hygienic.

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For sales enquiries and demos please use the form below or call me on 0774 007 6226

Videos For MudMate – Bike Wheels

MudMate – Bike Wheels

Golf Shoes

MudMate Golf Shoes

Wellington Boots

MudMate – Wellies

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