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I’ll come back to this subject on a fairly regular basis I am sure if for no other reason than it’s important for you as business owners to know what it is you are getting when you consider getting involved with any voucher type arrangement.

June 2015 – there is an audio update to this below.

Firstly you lose control of the customer – it normally ends up being owned by the business that sells the voucher on your behalf and unless you are very proactive and collect the client details and then put in place a method of marketing to them you will probably never recover the cost of selling them the voucher.

Let me put some figures in this for you.


** 2014 Update – I have now managed to complete my fourth revisit to the original research information relating to these Voucher Deals for small business, and nothing as changed. Small firms need to be careful before rolling out this type of scheme with any of the major providers ***

Now with most of the voucher providers you will be forced to share at least half the income with them – you end up with £32.50 instead of the £130 you would normally get, and you may incur a setup fee and other charges along with having to wait up to three months before you get the income from the seller of the voucher. Remember they sold it not you. Also remember that they still have ownership of the client until you manage to collect the details and put in place a plan to follow up.

Meanwhile of course every other Hairdresser with a voucher is offering it to your clients via the firm that sold them yours.

My short course for business owners is available below – in it I outline exactly what the issues are and importantly what you can do to set up your own scheme – along with being able to market your business more effectively.  Get in today, and soak up some of the great information.

Where is the winner – clearly there is more to made from selling vouchers!

One of the tools I have developed over the past few years is a ‘small business voucher deal’ system that allows you to offer your own voucher or daily deal to your customers. Contact me for a five minute discussion and a free report about the opportunity for your business.

I work with small firms (including Hairdressers) and help them put in place their own schemes, where they are in control of the market and the marketing. Bottom line cost is nowhere near the alternatives.

Get in touch today I will be happy to talk to you.

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