Money isn’t important!

It’s a line spewed from the mouth of an old leftie, probably someone who has sat on the sidelines all of their life, not really delivering anything for anyone one. The same bloke who probablysits in the pub, propping up the bar most evenings. Three or four stones overweight, on his second marriage that ain’t that good. Mostly ignored by his grown up children and glared at by his two teenagers.

We’ve all met him, he’s usually half pissed by eight most evenings and won’t leave the bar, unless he needs a wee.

The thing is, without having a few quid – life is hard. Go ask anyone who doesn’t have any spare money, perhaps someone on benefits, perhaps someone trying to live independently on a modern zero hours contract – with just enough left over every week to cover basics. Go ask them what it feels like to not have any cash.

In days of old we’d look at the poor and do our best to try and understand what it was like for them to live, four or five to a room, what it was like to not have any work?  Society would then make comment on it.

Perhaps you’ve buried your head in a little Dickens, or maybe North and South or the Way We Live Now. Perhaps you were shocked by the way people lived then, pleased that modern socialism stopped some of that. Or it’s possibly pleasing for you that Thatcher gave us the free market in the 80s and the Right to Buy, along with the rest of her good news story. Who gives a fuck about the poor when your house is going up in value by forty grand every year.

Along came New Labour. They gave us the masters of the universe – those who wouldn’t be blamed for raping the banking system and gross mis-selling on scale that has never been seen before. Or by allowing the likes of Northern Rock to lend 130% of house valuations to first time buyers – spend the money how you like – we won’t even ask about your income!.

New Labour also introduced Assured Shorthold tenancy agreements which gave us the modern rentiers – ‘don’t worry about the future geezer, they ain’t building enuff houses so you’ll be quids in, and even if it goes wrong on ya – you’ll have section 21 so you can kick them out when you want’.

So we look at the elite, the deep state (same people if you ask me) and see what’s happened to them. Their clever use of ‘offshore’ along with investments into PFI arrangements; which provided them with guaranteed returns on which they pay little or no UK tax.i And then we factor in the negotiation of tax liabilities. It was Guy Westhead who wanted the revenue to be “easier on Amazon” plus others. Yeah, he was the civil servant working on our behalf to collect the right amounts of tax.

So who are these people, the elite? No one really knows, it’s just them, the politicians, the lobbyists, those with the money and the power, the Russians, the Brexiteers, the polluters, the insurance companies. All of those.

And, don’t for one minute think that at any time soon there is going to be a savour in the political arena. Labour can only see bowel they are so far up their own arses, and today we can note that even if a senior politician makes a statement to “fuck business” or comments about Niqabs or head  covering, there is a little backlash but nothing really happens.

Oh and don’t think that because it’s summer time no one cares. They haven’t given a toss for years, evident would never have had Brexit – without a plan. If they cared, we would start to deal with the holes in the roads, and worry about the fact the Universal Credit is actually causing hardship. Politicians give fewer fucks about you now,  than they ever have – and the same issues keep cropping up.

Schools, the NHS, pensions, crime, jobs, housing – it’s a record that’s been running for thirty years or more – the political classes, the elite – don’t care, the record keeps skipping back to the beginning – only we can’t hear the song, we’re numb to it. The same approach is made towards air quality in London, it’s so bad it’s killing people, and then there is the kiddie fiddlers – who inhabited the BBC, along with the Churches, everyone knew – no action taken.

Nothing changes, nothing will change. We need anarchy, power in the hands of the people sooner rather than later – and this starts with making your money work hard for you. Hard enough so that you don’t have to work, hard enough so you’ll have free time to educate your friends in the world of micro business and financial mastery. Once that’s working you and I can take on the arsewipes that are slowly fucking this country and this planet.

Money is important, it’s important that you make it work for you, understand how to structure yours so it makes more sense than it ever has. No one cares more about your money than you, so you should start to take it seriously – and no that doesn’t mean waiting until you are seventy percent dead and drawing on your pension.

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