Lead Generation – Using Paid Digital Advertising

As a small business you have probably heard of sponsored advertising, normally via Google, but of late on the various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You may have even dabbled yourself as all of the providers make it very easy for you to get started.  Facebook Advertising even allows your ads to be priced in U.S Dollars which makes it seem even more attractive, you can also pay in arrears.

If you have dabbled,  how did your test go? Did you get any leads or enquiries from it?

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In my experience of working in the areas of lead generation for small firms, Google advertising along with Facebook Marketing is a far tougher nut to crack than many believe mainly because of the nature of the platforms – being so easy to use.

Many small firms advantage of this and fire off their ads anyway. Of course a fews weeks and several hundreds of pounds later, they realise that clicks do not equal sales. Let me tell you why.

Firstly there is the issue of spoof clicks.

For whatever reason many clicks are not from buying customers, but from your competitors, other advertisers and others who are just not buyers, spoof clicks could cost you half of your budget in the first six months.

One little test with Facebook in the dating niche proved to me that avoiding those just in from the pub was a good thing. By experimenting with the timing of the ads we save several thousands of pounds during the initial testing.

Then there is targeting.

Most small businesses, or the self employed have no real idea who their target market is. No idea who buys their stuff.

Who are you advertising to and for what reason. Is it to buy a product or to introduce your business?  Both approaches rely on very different things happening.

Once you have some knowledge of how you can identify and specifically attract your target audience using all of the social platforms you’ll find it easy to find leads in abundance.

Both Google and Facebook marketing tools provide a high level of demographic information which allows you to make the most of your small business marketing.

Biggest Mistake SME’s Make With Their Lead Gen.

Small business lead generation using any form of paid for online advertising is seen as ‘no go area’ for far too many sme’s, for some of you it’ll be fear and others because of cost.

I would still urge you to try out all of the online platforms before altering anything else.

Simply because of the  the ability to test everything. From the words used, to the imagery and the target landing pages along with the ability to change the audience to suit,  and you can do it in real time (almost) without it having an impact on any other part of your business.

So what’s putting you off? If your business needs to generate enquiries from the trade or the general public; not using these modern platforms are more than likely holding you back substantially and if you have used them before what is stopping you going back?

I know, it’s because you don’t fully understand how these online tools really work, or how to test them as part of your lead generation programme.  Perhaps you tried  Adwords a few years ago and got your fingers burned, even so you should not ignore this now. Lead generation in 2017 for your business is important and with a focus on the most modern tools and methods mean you are most probably losing market share, profits or both.

The sad thing about that is most of you reading this could be having a lead generation party to attend every week. All you need is some tweaks and adjustments to what you are currently doing, build a couple of simple processes to use in your business that will generate leads and enquiries whenever you want them and do it without breaking the bank.

It’s a known fact that Google and Facebook are the major players for lead generation in the digital sphere; but  I come at this lead generation thing from a very different angle, and it’s this which has the edge for small firms.

By combining  digital and  direct marketing you could be starting something that may well change your business for the better.

I know you’re not stupid, therefore no beating about the bush with this offer:

10 hours of hands on support to show you/help you build a lead generation magnet which includes

  • Facebook/ Adwords masterclass for you and your team.
  • Testing, testing and more testing advice.
  • Creation of specific pages.
  • Software recommendations and help.
  • Unlimited follow up and guidance

In fact all you need to start, grow and develop the lead generation area of your business.

This training is available with the costs spread over a two month period.

I’ll come to your offices, train your staff, give them the short cuts you’ll need and leave you with the plans running and a written process to continue on with.

Pay per Click Social Marketing  and Lead Generation Masterclass for Small Business.  Order yours now. (I use GoCardless – Direct Debit Guarantee applies) There is limited opportunity and your competition is biting at your tail.

[su_service title=”Ten Days of My Best Advice” icon=”icon: dollar”]Please Keep Me Updated. Don’t worry, I’ll happily send you some more information. But please take action – a world of unlimited leads is waiting for you. I don’t share your personal information, that’d be wrong.


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