Marketing for Small Business

Small Business Marketing is something that is seemingly easy to find a specialist in. Just pop over to any of the major search engines and type in Marketing for Small Business or similar and you will come up with a range of options and service providers that seemingly offer a solution for your business.

The reality is that many of these firms are not what they purport, without a doubt there are some major changes coming over the next few years and small business marketing is changing as we speak. For the last couple of months everyone has been rattling on about the changes within Google, and the local maps listing becoming Google Places and with that comes massive opportunity for you as a business owner and also for the shisters and scammers who want to charge you £20 per month guaranteed listings here and there.

So whats the story for your business marketing, well be know full well that conventional marketing is not working as effective as it should and there are now many potential clients that just go to search engine first -yeah google takes the lions share in the UK but the others are not to be ignored.

What we have seen over the past couple of months is a narrow focus of Internet marketing specialists for small business putting our products that will only ever work short term.

Your requirement needs to be a long term strategy for marketing to new customers along with retention strategy with your existing customers, only that takes skill and thought, something that seems to be missing with many.

Facebook, Twitter – all the other Social Media

Google – Search Engines – Blogging – could all form a part of your marketing.

Direct Mail – Seminars – Joint Ventures – all could play a part.

Look there are hundreds of ways to market your business in this modern world, I just wish that there were more people like us out there letting you know what your options are and giving your small business the marketing help it needs, not just selling product.

Richard Smith – Franchise Marketing Expert at The Richard

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