Marketing For Small Business – Several Ways To Do It.

Small Business Marketing 

In a past life I used to write for Professional Adviser Magazine. This was perhaps the most erudite of the financial trade press. Some of the articles are still around now, not sure if that's because they are brilliant or the magazine just likes to keep the content.

 No matter what the reason, the content is a goldmine of very relevant information for all business owners.

Interestingly enough in recent weeks have a couple of emails from industry portals talking about how I might grow my business using social media amongst other methods. With this in mind I thought I would revisit my own content and provide a little update.  

If your small business is struggling to get new business or make a profit, or get your business finances in order we should talk. Meanwhile here is my real world comment on some of the spin from other marketing experts.

The claims made in a number of  emails recently arrived in my inbox strike me as complete rubbish, if your business needs to increase customers you should ignore some of the things outlined.

It's all B.S. 

Let me outline further. Your business has a problem right. It may need more customers at a price, it may need to develop in some areas and contract in others. It may need to find new markets. Look there are just too many possibles here. But get this…

The promise of 2400% more website visitors – from 1 – 24 is  probably not the answer. Talk to me about conversion, sales, profit. But not visitors, that's just poppycock, rubbish.

  • The promise of  a 360-degree marketing experience. WTF is that and how will it help me/you.
  • How about harness and leverage an omni-channel approach – I have no idea what omni means, and I don't care.
  • The best one of all "a marketer who lacks [social media] skills has no future".

No shit.

Let me ask you this, whilst your customers are looking at pictures of cats chasing small children or cute puppies being washed – some people are out there actually buying stuff, this is the pond I want to be fishing in. Not surrounded by looky lookies and distracted loons.

All of this is marketing speak, promoted by people who don't understand where we are now. Yes we have new tactics, new platforms and new ideas. But this doesn't mean you should focus on them fully, it does mean you should know that humans have not really changed much in million years, and still want their problems solved with a product of service that your business may offer. Focus on telling that story and you may have a small chance of doing some business.

If you are interested in actually getting some results, then get in touch. Your business needs us working together.

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