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Why Grounding Helps.

I don’t want to get all woowoo on you but this actually works. You will start to benefit from it quite quickly if not immediately. 


When I first heard about this technique  I thought to myself – yeah right another load of bunkum (in the UK we would say cobblers or bollocks) but then I started to think about it  a bit more.


Have you ever been in the shower and had an AHA moment or an immediate solution to the problem that has been nagging for a few weeks or better still a brilliant idea or the seed for a plan?


It has happened to me a lot but I  was not really aware of why or how it happens, one of things I talk about  a great length is this issue of not needing to understand just know that it does, these AHA moments arrive for a particular reason according to some thinkers.


The reason for this is this –  grounding is based on the simple flow of electrical currents in our body that that always seek to find a way to ground (think lightning for example) . Our brains rely on electrical currents to make decisions and create memory.  Any changes in the flow of electricity will create a change and it’s this sudden flow of electricity to ground that allows this thought to  appear as though it was stuck.


For many years electro therapy was used for patients with  a range of mental illness, not so sure if they still  are, so at least in medical circles the use of electricity was proven or was that just another fad created in order to find out if it would work.

There is some further information online  if you want to read about the technical aspects of it but for me I already get it.

Personally I feel better in bare feet (and have been known to wear flip flops all winter – I even have best flip flops for wearing with a suit). In Bristol in the UK there is a barefoot group therapy session which starts to make some sense when I cover the next bit. So some of us already get it .

It has been proven that going barefoot or grounding yourself actually changes the way your blood forms and clots leaving the tiny molecules wider apart and seemingly moving more freely.

One thing you need to do in order to make yourself feel better is to ground yourself for at least twice per day, barefooted on a natural flooring – wooden or woolen, preferably on grass or earth. I guarantee you after  fifteen minutes you will feel different but hold it for at least thirty minutes.

The human animal is made of mostly water, is affected by tides and being close to water. Personally I feel different when closer to large areas of water, rivers  and lakes etc. There must be some connection to me feeling different and enjoying being at the beach or by the river and it’s more than just relaxing.

The Full Moon Issue

Pop into any prison on a full moon to find out what a difference is made to the behaviour of the inmates. Indeed in the UK there have been a number of studies into the effect on crime and disorder and suicides on Full Moons.

Scientific American has reported on this and concluded that it was not possible for the Moon to have an effect. Bearing in mind that gravitational effect offered by the Moon is there all of the time but we can only see it at certain times thus making the full Moon a visual issue only. That said there is clearly a lot of evidence showing changed behaviour.

The word Lunatic comes from the latin Luna meaning moon and tic meaning sudden or recurrent twitch. Even history tells us something about this.

But there is something missing from all of the research. It does not really stack up as making sense.  We understand that the effect of the Moon and Sun is greatest at new and full moons (effect on tides and tidal regions – massive low and high tides are caused at  both new and full moon).  

At these times the Sun and Moon are exactly in alignment causing a doubling effect of gravity. This is well documented but does not explain the effect on humans.

Fact is there are lot of things that have an effect on us humans and we are just not aware of the effect they may be having.

For me 30 minutes of each day  I try to be barefoot, I will sit down for lunch and take my shoes and socks off in order to connect to the ground, or sit in back garden and have some quiet time barefoot- feeling the lush grass or harsh concrete underfoot. Just be aware of it you will be massively surprised at it’s long effect.

There are some other options in relation to grounding there are bedsheets and other devices that are available to ‘ground you whilst you sleep’ personally there are some brilliant sales people out there offering the magic cure for everything.  

Take your shoes off for half an hour per day and give the money you have saved to a charity, you will feel better for it. Whilst this is not a sure fire way to feel better is another thing that you should do. Each step will have a cumulative effect on how you feel.

Feet – bare at least thirty minutes per day.


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