Make a note, please.

My brain, or my mind whatever you want to call yours is interesting. Not only does it keep us alive – like when crossing the road, or when drunk. It does all kinds of other stuff to us.

For some reason, it constantly reminds me that I need to do something, to call somebody, to ask a question of something or someone. It seems to be there all of the time. Making sure that I do the things that it wants me to do.

I used to believe that it was on my side that is kind of understood what I was all about. I believe that it was there to help me. To move me forward, to help me towards my goals and a happy life.

Now, this inner voice that we all have is something that will either help us. It may turn us all into millionaires or to allow financial independence at an early age.

Or it might Drive us to drinks drugs and depression. It does seem that many of us humans are listening to the universe more and more, just look around that the levels of mental illness and the number of antidepressants that all prescribed every day across the Western world.

Without a doubt that voice that has been ignored by so many for so long now has a fairly serious part to play in modern society.

There is a genuine problem with our minds, and it’s this. It doesn’t f****** well trust us, this thing we created that lives inside us that sounds a bit like us. Sounds a bit like you and me. Doesn’t trust us.

It reminds us to do something, and then it nags and it reminds us of the things we haven’t achieved. It reminds us all the things you should have done,  the prescription who was supposed to pick up from the chemist.

The reminder that you should have tried harder, you should have found another job. You should have restrained yourself you should have found another way.

And it goes on and on and on.

There is a reason for this, and it’s because our brains our minds think we are stupid it doesn’t think we can cope when our own. It doesn’t think we can make our own decisions.

Some of the time it is right, however, most of the time it is very wrong.

The solution I found for this is really simple but it does involve a little bit of dedication.


Keeping a little book with you at all times with a sharpened pencil.

Every time that little voice pops up to remind you of something you’ve not done or should have done you should write it down. that way that mind of yours knows that you’ve taken selection and because it’s written down you won’t forget. it says your brain from constantly reminding you of how s*** you really are and how incapable you are of living this life.

So go get yourself a little book, make it yours. write down all those thoughts, reminders of those things that you should remember to do do and what that voice is is telling me to do.

Most of them will be a complete waste of time and initially to you will be any relevant. However, some will be insights into the things you really need to do, the things you really need to remember.

I promise you, that you will thank me for it very shortly. Importantly it will keep that voice of yours at bye and at least allow you the breathing space to be able to consider carefully what it is you should really be doing.

And that I think is the real power in writing down all of those thoughts in your head. You create space for real thinking. You free up the most powerful computer you have ever owned to do stuff that adds value, that helps you.

When you are ready to get shimmy on with this get in touch, I can help you.

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