Growing Your Business

Would you like to grow your business by 20% in a few months and be able to maintain the extra income over the coming months?

 Would you like to grow your business by 20% in a few months and be able to maintain the extra income over the coming months?

How much would your  life  change if you could bring in customers on demand? Would you take weekends off,  relax, play Golf or focus on generating even more business?

Your  business needs to get more new business, that’s a  given right. Selling more to existing customers is also a requirement yes or no? If we’re agreed, let’s move on.

Problem is some of your customers are online and others off, some want to connect via email, others want a social platform – getting the balance right is up to you.  Slight issue arises, delivering information, offers and deals with an ordinary website means you’ll have to have several bits of software and a couple of people to administer the whole thing for you.

But the fact remains if you are not producing offers, deals, sharing socially and using postcards, direct mail, email and sms – at least two of these at a time you are missing out. One issue is, that thing the website designer sold you won’t be able to do any of these things.

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Get Serious

Increasing  your business profits by making it easier to sell and ship more products than ever before is a serious job. Putting your  communications and sales message on autopilot  is serious. Daily deals, offers, coupons, click and collect, email and sms messaging are required if you are to have an effective operation.

  • Here is my offer – provided you want:-
  • To get more customers and on your terms
  • Keep existing customers
  • Increase profits
  • To automate the process – make money while you sleep kinda thing.

A Solution In Two Parts

There are two keys for any small business to grow in 2017.

  1. Automation and the internet – Online Shopping
  2. Understanding your customers mindset

Recent research shows that 89% of customers will shift to your competitors  providing better customer experience and engagement – if you’re not engaging with your customers then who is?

Automation and the Internet

Online shopping

You and I know that this is an increasing part of our lives, your customers are busy. Most don’t want to come and browse and if they do then not today. They do want to buy some of what you have.

Click and collect

Giving them an online option, perhaps even delivered by yourself on your way home brings some personality to the whole thing.  I’m not saying you should but it’s an option. Your customers are busy people and you can make it easy for them to buy and compete with the big boys.


Love it or loathe it social is here to stay. Perhaps you’ve hung around some of the social platforms and realised that there are only so many memes and pictures of kittens you can stand. You may also have realised that there are plenty of people hanging out there and you can’t bank likes. No matter how many likes you have the bank balance does not increase.  Making social pay is possible.


Still a worthy tool, it’s replaced conventional mail as the medium of choice. It’s virtually free  and powerful; simply because it allows you to build relationships, promote and test offers.  Importantly your customers are used to it.


Not so long ago a special deal meant you having to source, stock and price something which could take months, then ask your web designer to create a page for you… on and on. Not any more. Want to email out a daily deal, share something on social media – you can now do this out of the box and in minutes, using your phone if you want.

** I have  some more information as a short course – no sales pitch just oodles of information email and I’ll rush it to you

Customer Mindset

They are distracted. Everywhere they look there are sales messages. Ads, buy now buttons, look here, buy now.  Keeping  customers is even harder now than  ever  and fighting for the customers pound is now a real battle instead of  tussle in the playground.

Google, Facebook and Twitter are important even your clients that aren’t on there will be soon and if it’s not those it will be one of the others, but these aren’t platforms you can sell on. So there is one big conundrum – forget what the social media experts tell you  – they don’t know much.

Your customers

  • Want to feel loved by you
  • Want offers and deals from you
  • Want knowledge and entertainment from you
  • Want to make it easy to do business with you


Boot’s – Tesco – Sainsburys – Barclays all use a similar techniques

I’d be the first to agree that just because it works for these firms doesn’t mean it’ll work for you and you don’t have the millions of pounds it takes to secure software and systems to do the same as them.


Over Twenty Years In The Making – Before The Stars Aligned.

Good news is I’ve taken what I’ve been doing over the last twenty years but on a larger scale and , squeezed it into a tidy package of tools that a business like yours can use.

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20% –  Marketing Metrics research.

Customers Are Changing  – And You Can’t Engage With Them On Your Terms You have to do it on theirs.  Technology means every business owner that wants to fully engage with new and existing customers  and take advantage of new media to get more customers can do so – bad news for your business is some are.

You want customers who are prepared to spend the right amount of money for the right service don’t you.

This Works Out Of The Box

If I could show you a better way of doing business, of improving your online and offline presence for very small investment, something that will work for you immediately and from here on in. Would you want to talk through the options?

Perhaps, just perhaps it’s possible for to increase your turnover, improve your cashflow – would that help you?

  • spend more time with your kids
  • to increase your pension contributions
  • to make your business more saleable
  • to make life easier


Money On The Table Ignored By Your Competition Could Be Yours

No matter what kind of website stuff you have tried before this beats them all because it finally integrates big chunks of pre sales stuff and allows you to cross sell, upsell, importantly because it gives you a chance to have a conversation with some very important people.

Problem With What You Have Already Been Sold/Told

You’ve probably had the local Search Engine expert on the phone, or the local Web guy, you may even have spent hard earned on a website or web marketing – for what?  Probably little in return.  You were never told it’s your customers that decide when they buy.

They don’t buy when you want them to. At any one time less than three percent  – 3 in 100 are ready to make a buying decision now.

You Need To Be There When They Are Ready

Which is why you need to be a farmer of customers and not a hunter of customers.

  • Hunting means you have to take what turns up – what’s around now
  • Farming means you can grow what you want – your rules

Attracting the very best customers is the modern way. Right priced technology has never existed to simplify this whole process which I why I’ve spent time bundling the right stuff.

Farming Is The Only Sure Fire Way To Guarantee Repeat Business.

Tractor And Trailer + Hand Tools Supplied.

Your own a piece of land – your clients.  They have  all accepted a relationship with you in return for your very best work, like any good farmer in order to maintain a crop you need to be constantly nurturing –  yet you don’t have the tools to be able to do that

A set of tools, shovels and spades that automates your messaging and social stuff, and at  the same time controls your testimonials, and is findable by the internet search engines – to make you Googleable.

Daily Deals – seeding offers and specials that you can use as a  limited number/or increasing in price – the same as Groupon or Wowcher without the cost and loss of control.

Email/SMS messaging included

Throw in a direct mail facility (the Farmers market) so you can create postcards/letters and flyers. Quite simply if you’re not communicating with your customers then who is.

Includes Technical Support For All Crops

This is a very powerful system and I’ll help you all along the way – me being  your very own technical officer and a marketing expert all in one bundle.

Keeping  Customers Coming Back Is Sure Fire Way To Increase Profits.

By using systems and technology  you can  educate and inform your customers – at the same time increase sales  but in an automated way – while you’re off pulling weeds, the system plants seeds.

There is a lot more science behind this process than most small business owners actually know – the factual research follows.

Price is not the main reason for customer churn, it is actually due to the overall poor quality of customer service –  Accenture global customer satisfaction report.  How do you manage pricing and customer service?


The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20% –  Marketing Metrics research. Based on these stats only the plain stupid will ignore existing customers.


 A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10% –  Leading on the Edge of Chaos, Emmet Murphy & Mark Murphy. How do you retain customers?

The reason the largest UK firms use some form of technology to provide offers and deals and to follow up  – is  because it works.

A timely offer sent via the post, email or text message just when you think you have been forgotten gets you running back to the shop to buy some more of whatever it is that’s being offered.

Of all the strategies I have put in place for clients over the last ten years – it’s communication and offers that keeps them coming back for more, creating regular and loyal customers.


  • Repeat messaging  make your customers feel wanted
  • Offers and deals make your customers feel like they are special
  • Loyalty means you are their one stop for what  you do


Once your customers are part of your farming scheme you have them for life, provide you keep them updated with regular offers and a reason to return they will.

Help You Build A Community Of Loyal Customers

By making sure offers are perfectly structured and timed which is  easy enough if you know your customers.


You can provide them with special offers, vouchers or deals whenever you like. These offers can be sent via the post, email or text message whenever you decide. You manage the entire process.

** My valuable – get customers coming back in droves course is available now – email  today and I’ll rush it to you.

If your business doesn’t have these tools you are missing out, it’s taken me over five years to develop this, yeah sure  I could have gone and purchased a license for an all singing all dancing ‘till based’ system, problem is most small businesses don’t have the £20k to implement and then £1.5k per month to service.

As a bonus you’ll also get access to my private group of Small Business Ninjas, with exclusive content on a secure website with guides and howto information – cutting edge stuff to help you grow your business  – zero to hero type stuff.  Email me today on  and we can arrange to talk.


PS don’t forget the money back guarantee means that the risk is all mine

© Richard Smith 2017

…the brutally honest truth about growing a small

business in world of self interested crooks,scallywags and charlatans.



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