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Local  Content has been a focus of  small business presence on the Internet for sometime now, and many firms have taken full advantage (about 5%) and this is clearly not acceptable, as more and more consumers are turning to the web as a medium for finding and checking what local firms are like.


This means you are missing out if you do not have a presence, of course if yours is a firm that delivers poor service with rubbish products you may not want to give anyone the chance to tell the world, I trust that yours is not that kind of business.

If you have a need to find more leads, to have more enquiries then getting your Local Business Presence right is a starting point.

Local Newspapers and Trade Directories are becoming less and less effective, with offline spending falling dramatically.

One of the reasons   I produced two reports, “7 Steps to stop wasting money on advertising” and “13 Ways to increase sales in any market conditions” and both of these outline the action you can take, and provide a starting point for moving your business forward in this changed world we live in.

Many of our clients increased turnover by 30% last years, and some by over 100% which of course is fantastic, this is  market share they achieved at the cost of other local competition.

How about you?

These two reports are free; send us your details using the form below and we will email you back the reports immediately.

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