Local Eating

Over here at The Richard Smith we believe in doing as much as we can for local business, it’s good for the environment, is good for your Customers, it is also good for Business (so why not take advantage) and we can keep your costs low with a perfect presence – a dedicated form of advertising that really adds value to your business.

Our services are limited to local business and we make a point of not working with them all.

In simple terms we want to make your busines really stand out and be noticed at a value price (a limited time offer).

The thing is the world has changed, people looking for a quick lunch or dinner,  and want to eat locally no longer reach for the Yellow Pages or the Local Paper (don’t beleve us speak to the local rep’s and you will find out) what they are reaching for is Google or Yahoo or MSN Services, and usually via their Mobile Phones/Blackberries  which all have Internet Access built in , they can also read Microsoft Word and .PDF documents (great if you happen to have a menu).

What they want is information, menu’s, pricing, opening hours and this is just one of the things we can do for you, before we provide some more information

A couple of questions for you.

Are you spending upwards of £30 per month to advertise in your local “Uncovered Postcode” Magazine only to not get any business from it,

We understand!  The thing is was only want to deliver results for you which is what makes the “Small Business Marketing Consultancy difference”

Have you spent a small fortune having an Internet Site Developed only to find that it does not deliver any business at all? We understand and we want to help you change things.

For a limited period ot time we are offering our “local biz “service at a very special trial rate:-

It comes with the following Key Features.

  1. Your own Internet Domain (complete with a listing on all of the major search engines,guaranteed).
  2. An Online Maps listing – so your customers can find you.
  3. A One Page – Key Points Website (including your up to date Menu)
  4. A Contact form which links to your own email address (this can be sent via a Mobile Phone if your Network Supports it, most do).
  5. The facility to collect your customers details so you can contact them at  a later date (not sure why you are not doing this already).
  6. Optional – Voucher (so you can compete with the big Pizza chains and franchises).

In simple terms a Business Tool that will deliver for you in this modern age, updated when required and amended to suit local conditions (you can even do this yourself if you want).

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