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There is so much rubbish spoken about getting new leads, getting found online, doing business, making sales, finding the time.  Yawn, getting bored with my own voice now.

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For those of you on my list know I do things very differently to must of the wanky goo -roos you’ll see elsewhere. It’s this difference that made me so attractive to Start-Ups direct as part of their mentoring programme for start ups an for my clients to stay with me for a long while.

Your business needs to do a lot of things in order to start making sales or increasing sales  to grow your business. In order to do that you will need software, a website, an online shopping cart, marketing and outside skills.

If you think you can do it all yourself; then answer me this. How is that all going?

Yeah, thought so.

Which lead me to package up something that may well be of use.

For the same price as my normal mentoring and expert skills in developing businesses of all sizes and shapes, and for helping you knock your marketing into shape, and giving you kick up the backside in our regular calls…

You’ll also get.

  • A brand new website on your own webserver – yeah that means you can also send emails from your own domain.
  • A fully working e-commerce platform so you can sell your stuff
  • A email, sms and direct mail service builtin/added on so you can actually do some marketing
  • Guaranteed to be indexed by Google


Ongoing help with crafting your message, finding your position in market place and me showing you how to make, create and sell your products (and services), along with a load of other stuff.

Quite simply, a package that could cost you many tens of thousands in the market place.

Why do I do this?

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Because I love you small business owners, I love working with the self employed and I want you all to become Ninja’s in your own world, never having to worry about where you next bit of business is coming from or how you are going to get the cash flow from this month.

If you get in before the end of April I’ll also cap your costs. No catches, no tie in’s just plain honesty in a world full of shisters.

You can join below or get in touch for more info.


Deal ends April.


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