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Yesterday, Loraine my wife popped into the office for lunch as she often does and asked what I was up to, explained that I was in the middle of a review of a client site.
“What does the business do?”
“I’ve heard that’s good for women’s problems”
“Oh yeah which ones?”
Cough, cough, “erm Tena lady moments”
After the initial awkwardness she explains exactly what she means, and we both agree that it’s male and female issue, and it’s easily solved, well at least in part.

PILATES has a solution for this problem.

Of course, for the teachers of this ancient and very healthy form of exercise and the girls who are reading this will know full well that the better your pelvic floor the less chance of a Tena Lady moment or in my case a Tena Pant moment.

There was not a single place on this client site where it was it explained that there were a range of problems, that PILATES could solve and certainly not any mention of a damp patches on chairs that could be helped/solved/cured/made better.

On speaking to the client and after a couple of awkward moments we agreed that she could be the only Pilates teacher in the county offering a service to a very specific and highly targeted niche market.

Of course getting over the initial embarrassment may take some work, but it’s a perfect example of your business being able to solve massive life problems but because of some misplaced emotion, you don’t want to talk about it.

Get over yourself and tell the world, before your competitors do. There really is gold in them there hills, but only for those prepared to climb for it.

Meanwhile my current charges for mentoring and support is £60 per month. This will be rising to £97 per month for new applications with effect from 28th March, and I am introducing an application process in order to make sure I only work with people I can really help.

The old rate will remain fixed for the period we work together, so no surprises.
A golden opportunity awaits for those that haven’t jumped in yet.

Remember you get my 10 x cost guarantee and all of the support you need.

Nearly the last chance at the old price.




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