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I don’t often read the papers. When I do there’s always a black cloud that starts to appear. On Monday morning I’d been drawn into the news from the Telegraph that ‘retail sales’ are down and Easter looks like it’s going to be bad for much of the high street.  Don’t really see the Telegraph coming up
with any solutions – that wouldn’t sell papers would it?

Visa are reporting in the same article that spending is down by quite a lot.

Blah, blah. It goes on and on. Bad news sells newspapers I guess.

Go read it, the full article is linked below. It’s a depressing read.
Meanwhile some of the larger retailers are focusing on the experience, which is why you’ll keep seeing coffee bars appearing, like inside Next or a Starbucks inside the cinema, and there is a reason for this. Either people have enough stuff or they just want to spend hard earned on other things.

This seems to be supported by Visa who say that cinema and hotel spending is up. Ok, perhaps not enough for a complete trend, but interesting to note.

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Meanwhile Amazon are looking to take on an army of ‘home workers’ – minimum wage type stuff to work in their customers services departments. Not in the valuable office/warehouse space but at home, where the employee picks up the heating costs over the winter, avoids travel and clothing costs, may even save a little on child care – but does get freedom (ish) from the office politics.

So what does all this add up to?


It’s the only thing that’s a constant. Go read some of the Buddhist writings on the subject.

It’s not the strongest or largest that survive, it’s the most adaptable and usually small.

Just look at what happens when the railway or buses start to play up, go ask some of the business in Brighton about the impact of the Southern Rail disputes on retailers in the Laines,or the Irish shopkeepers about the bus strikes over there which are causing mayhem.

Everyone of these businesses is dependent on someone else, something else filling an important role – like getting new business in.

The key for you, in your business, especially if it’s retail is this. What are you reliant on, who is going to guarantee you the footfall so you can make sales? If it’s not you then Southern Rail, the bus drivers, the local council – they all decide, not you.

And that’s no way to run a business. That’s why I teach my clients how to get this online stuff sorted out, how to build a massive database of information and connections, how to be self reliant and know what to do next. Systems, principles, automation.

Once you have some of this stuff you become a tiny but invincible business that can go do epic stuff, feed your kids, have time out of the office. Know what pensions to avoid, and some advisers. You really can have it all with me kicking your butt.

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Link to the Telegraph article.


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