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Richard Smith - Small Business Lead Generation
Richard Smith Small Business Lead Generation


Does your business need more leads?

Does your business need to increase its profitability?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions you will benefit by working with us sooner rather than later.

What about the statements below, do any of these apply?

  •     Our business website does not work as promised.
  •     We could do with more leads or enquiries.
  •     We could do with increasing profits/making more sales.
  •     Our marketing/search engine optimisation/web designer/sales consultants suck
  •     We could do with more/some automation in our sales process

The fact is, in this modern age you are surrounded by “experts” and “specialists” all joining the Social Media Consultants, and Web Designers all promising to deliver for you. But which do you choose?

Most business websites don’t work, which rules out the Web Designers in the main.

Social Media is the Emperor’s new clothes as a strategy on it’s own.

The simple answer is none of them if you really want results.

Sales and Marketing is what we do, just taking 2 of our team there is a combined 40 years of recent business experience, 30 years of Online and Offline marketing, we have written books on the subject of business development, been selected to Judge business websites and social media campaigns  in high profile awards, oh and write extensively in various trade magazines on such things as marketing and business development.

Our business is about getting you results. Thats how we earn for ourselves.

We like getting our hands dirty in your business, and bringing our skills to your team. It’s what we do best.

There are whole range of reasons you would want to work with us but here are three.

  • No results, no charge. If we don’t get you what we promise (new customers, more business) we will refund all you have paid us.
  • We don’t pretend to be experts in one area of business or marketing, but we do have access to all of the experts you will require, we only work to obtain results, nothing else.
  • In our last year alone we have used over 87 different methods of attracting paying customers into a range of different businesses.  

Our simple promise is below.

If you do not see a tangible increase in the number of enquires or an increase in the level of business in the first 12 months of us working together there will be a full refund (no quibbles, we part friends)  of any costs charged to you for our work.

You can contact me  via the secure form here.


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