Lead Generation for Small Business – Default settings

Great news for your business, another week has started and you can decide to do things differently. If you want that is.

I’ve been in the market for a new phone for few months, just not sure what I want to it to do, been happy with Android but have some Mac stuff. For some reason I never really liked the Iphone.

I guess is it’s really is down to personal preferences. Thing is, I managed to upgrade the Wife’s phone at no cost which she was pleased about.

Issue is, out of the box – it’s default settings it doesn’t work for her.

Eyesight is so bad I call her Mole-ly as in ‘blind as a bat’ so we have to increase the font size or she just can’t see it. Interestingly enough the latest version of Android has the settings in the same place which is interesting.

Issue is, we all have default settings. Things we’ve not changed for years in our business, in our mind. Things that are just as they were/are – working.

Question is what one of these could you change to make it work a little better for you?

Go try, change a sales letter, change the landing page on your website, write to a client if you normally phone, phone if you normally write.

Change the default setting, drive a different way to the office, walk or get the bus – you’ll be surprised what you notice.

We know that the default setting works you just don’t know if you can be better off by changing a small thing.

Go do eh!


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