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Another set of reasons why you need to take the issue of your Website Seriously.

I have been chatting today with a firm of Local Independent Financial Advisers who have been approached by a firm offering “one page Websites” designed specifically to increase levels of business for Financial Advisers.

The cost of these is some £75 – £125 PER PAGE.

Now before you go on to say well that’s cheap enough there is more.

The firm selling these seemed to be saying that all you had to do was set up a Pay Per Click Campaign, and watch the money roll in and indeed looking at the Testimonials on the Sales Page you would have thought you have indeed found the secret to life and the universe….

As a complete aside, I checked with Google to find out how much Per Click you would need to pay in order to get visits to your site on Key Terms like Mortgage Protection (£11.42 PER CLICK) – can you hear the Poor House calling?

So being honest and hard working and as I really enjoy myth busting let me ask you one thing.

As a Financial Adviser (or indeed in any other business) you need to do lots of things, build trust, prove credibility, show an ability to work with/get on with people and of course explain complicated subjects in an easy to understand manner and of course in writing, and of course you need to convey all of that a quickly as possible, and then deliver on all of it.

You also need to satisfy your Compliance Officers and the Regulator that you understand/can do/will do etc etc etc but that’s a side issue for here.

Reality – yes of course you can use and Internet Presence to increase the levels of business/productivity whatever business you are running and we know this works because it is one of the things we do, and very well I might add.

But if you think for one minute that a single page on the Internet is going to help really increase the levels of business in the manner claimed why is your existing Website not doing it for you now?

How about this, would you spend £1000 on putting a sign in your Front Garden – saying Acme IFA’s or Bob’s Builders and then pay £5 every time slowed down to read your sign. Of course not that would be stupid.

Simplistic explanation but should now get where I am coming from.

We have the answers, it’s a shame your present Web Designers or Resident Marketing Guru/Accountant/Other Business Consultant does not.

How do I know all of this, well if your existing advisers were that good you would not have time to read this post, as you would ‘up to your armpits in business’.


Richard Smith

IFA Lead Generation

Small Business Lead Generation

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