Lead Generation and time management are all connected you know…


Do you keep lists of things to do, making you get bills paid on time, sorting out tax and other things before they bite you on the bum?

We all do, whilst this human brain of ours is good, it’s not that good. There is just far to much to remember.

Problem comes when the list is just ffin’ endless.

One thing gets added to a whole load of other things that need to be done, until boom. Crisis hits and then nothing gets done.

My business is the same, always more things to do, always a fire to put out.

You’ll often find that nearly all self employed business owners will focus on sorting out websites  offline marketing when the phone stops ringing, when the leads stop arriving; sometimes you’ll find the need to get a better accountant when the revenue are knocking.

Sadly it’s a human condition.

Positively there is a lot you can do about it

The key is prioritising these things and then changing everything until it’s either automated or at least systemised.

Like, putting regular bills on direct debit.


Like making sure your lead generation is done every day, not just when the diary is empty.


Like communicating with your clients on a regular basis, letting them know you are still here and you still want to serve them.

One thing I have learned over the years is focus, focus on things that will make a difference, bring in money or solve problems. Or get things done that will avoid you being bitten on the bum – like paying taxes or doing returns on time, phoning that irate client.

And when you have systems for all of these things, turning up to the office actually becomes a pleasure and not a pain.

You can the put your prices up. Increase everything  by 10%, sure some customers will complain and look elsewhere, most won’t notice.   You’ll of course be able to spend the extra income working on your list of things to do

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