January 2018 Podcast – A Mixed Bag

In today’s podcast.

Small Business Marketing – how much power does Google have.

Importance of Maps and other listings.

Railfares up 3.4%

Savings at an all time low

Personal debt increasing

Financial independence

Actions to take in order to solve all of these.

Small Business Marketing – how much power does Google have.

The Google spat with with Amazon shows just how much power is now held by these large organisations. If they decide your e-commerce site is not worthy of linking to your business could be dead.

Railfares up 3.4%

Wages are down, railfares are up. Is a Train Driver really worth two Nurses or one and a half Police officers.

What to do about the increases. If you want to get to work you have no choice and the only way of solving the problem of the increases is to reduce the need to commute – running your own business or re-jigging your personal finances to make more sense.

Savings at an all time low.

I don’t know what is going to happen to the economy over the coming couple of years, it’s likely  that Trump will make sure  that whatever happens there is no slump, on his watch.

The lower value of the £ has caused our Share indexes to boom because of the nature of the firms that make up the index are reliant on income from outside of the UK.  Fundamentals havn’t really changed.

Personal debt increasing and this does not bode well for the coming few years.

What to do.

Prepare and stick to a budget. Know what is coming in and going out.


Clear debt – get in touch for my ‘simple way to clear debt’ plan.

Save money


Financial independence – why is this important.

Make money work for you – leverage.

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