It’s The Climate Stupid – Well and some other stuff.


In the last two months I’ve managed to mention the environment at least three times in short and long posts – even managed to get my views into the podcast. Facing facts, it’s obvious that use humans need to change what it is we are doing to the planet and the other species of animals we share it with.

Many are not going to make it and, David Attenborough seems to think we’ll only last two years if the bees die off. Some human geeks have already started to make ‘bee drones’ that will replace the insect bees – great idea – lets focus on the solving the problem not helping the bees survive. Couldn’t make it up.

Over on the BBC it’s reported
That more regular heat waves will kill more people than ever before, combine that with the wetter weather – in the UK it could well be interesting every summer, basking in eighty degrees – when it’s not stopped raining for three days. Just imagine for a minute.

It’s also news that summer nights will be a lot hotter

Fact is, it’s not even the heat that will kill us. The wetter weather is likely to bring with it other diseases and infections with those little bacteria loving every minute of the changing climate. It could be horrid. Sure we’ll adapt, fingers crossed it’ll be soon enough.

If you are living close to the sea – you can watch tons of plastic roll in and out with the tide, whilst watching the rain – as your skin starts to rot off with a new fungus that is resistant to antibiotics.

Bottom line here is that things are changing. Yet us humans seem to be living our lives like we can use up, can consume and nothing will change, everything will be ok. Our politicians seem to think that any changes can be made in some piecemeal way – with no joined up thinking – departments all doing their own thing. In 2018 and beyond it’s not working.

Our roads are clogged and in disrepair, the British health service – put on a pedestal as a shining light in the world is soon to consume some forty percent of total taxation income and on the path the Government is on – seems to support that fact and that it will give health whatever it needs.

Yet, obesity particularly amongst the poor is increasing. Which seems to indicate that it’s not a money problem but a lifestyle and education one.

Then there is the housing issues – successive Governments have refused to deal with it. UK Labour didn’t build enough. UK Conservatives have not built enough – yet there have been millions of extra people arriving to live in the UK over the last twenty years, all of which cause a drain on the environment, on food production, on healthcare and schools. And public transport etc etc – could go on for hours. And yet, spending from the Government on these items have slowed.

Immigration is supposed to be a positive for the UK – and in some areas it is. Culturally Johnny Foreigner adds loads – but is a net financial loss for the country – the resources used up by the increase in population have taken years and years to fund and build up. And like housing these are going to be a problem, there is not enough to go around.

Before any idiots start ranting at me for my views – these ain’t my views merely an observation.

Back to where I was. Our Government keeps telling us it’s OK, they are spending more than ever – well they are certainly borrowing more than ever, yet with more people in work and increased tax receipts there should be plenty available. Only there is not.

Dear Government where is the benefit? Where is the money? Why is there not enough to go round?

Another thing that seems to have been missed – plastics. I’d be interested in a complete UK wide, immediate ban on plastics. Give industry six months to lobby or make a plan b. And then ban the lot. We’ve done it before – meat used to come wrapped in paper by the butcher, milk arrived in glass bottles and empties were collected the following day.

The only reason we have the problem we have with plastics is because of Capitalism and Consumerism – which is clearly not working for all/most of us. We are of course clear on the harm they are doing – time to make some changes.

There are many matters that are worthy of solving, we are facing unprecedented change. A changing environment, health and pollution, an ageing population, artificial intelligence, changing jobs, big data, reduction in the State and what it provides, pension mis-selling (still) mandatory savings not really working, transport – just look at the fiasco with trains during 2018. And then there is the education system which encourages massive debt but does little to improve the quality of the service delivered. Policing, prisons – the list seems endless. I suggest you go ask your MP what they are doing about all of these things – not talking about them but what ACTION they are taking in order to solve any/all/some of these issues.

Their answers won’t surprise you – little or nothing.

How do I know? Just look around at some of these things – the evidence is all around.

Change needs to happen and fast. It’s not going to happen on it’s own.



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