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Over the Christmas  I was making a couple of wild statements  about what I thought the economy was going to do in 2010, and with 2 weeks (nearly of snow) it looks like a slow start.

One of my statements was that “Internet Marketing and Small Business Marketing Consultancy ” was going to be needed by more and more firms this year, and certainly judging by my phone already this year it looks like some  are taking it seriously.

I have made myself a little promise and this is to work with more firms this year than last and to make myself available to work on some of the more in depth sales and marketing matters which seem to be  a priority at the moment.

With this in mind I have decided to release  – another Marketing White Paper, this time entitled 10 Absolutely Guaranteed Methods Of Increasing Sales Using The Power Of The Internet. I was going to call it Why Your Website Sucks And How To Improve It, but decided against it.

During 2010 it is likely that you will be needing advice and guidance from an Internet Marketing Consultant and  I will of course be pleased to help, however as some of you know The Richard Smith does not only want to help you with things  that improve sales or improve  your sales process we want to leave you with a legacy of all the skills you need and a very clear process to follow for the future.

So for 2010 processes, process training and consultations are going to be the way forward for us. Telephone Consulting (For Free) is back, for  New prospective Clients with problem websites and a lack of sales will get the first 45 minutes completely Free of Charge. For your 10 Ways Report (free) click here

Call me in the first instance on 0845 226 9106. This alone could make you many thousands during this coming year.

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Internet Marketing  is not going to disappear and of course all small and medium sized firms need to start getting good it. Let us help. If this is your first Internet Marketing Campaign it is important that you listen to some of what we have to say before you start, and of course the Marketing White Paper (10 Absolutely Guaranteed Methods Of Increasing Sales Using The Power Of The Internet)  will help.

Ours is the premier Internet Marketing Consulting Service in the UK our services are a little different in that we G U A R A N T E E you results or will work for free.

Our Monthly Internet Marketing Development Papers and Webinars will improve massively the way you do business,

2010 certainly has the potential to be your best Business Year Ever, just make some changes and get some advice. Just where The Richard Smith can help.

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