Small Business Marketing Consultancy | The Coming Christmas Shopping Bonanza, but not for all firms

As we now lead into what is going to be a lack lustre Christmas for many small firms I felt the need to make some comment which of course will either encourage you to take some action (like call me on 0845 226 9106) or to bury your head in the sand “oh this internet thingummybob is not for my business”.

Internet Marketing as you will see from some of the previous posts on this site is for ALL Firms, not just those in sales.

Marketing Digital Products via the Internet is not dead, if it is why are some still earning millions of pounds per year selling them.

Marketing your Business on the Internet is one of sure fire ways of making your business more successful, provided of course you do it right and take the appropriate steps.

Lets consider your options:-

Start your Christmas New Business Promotion buy putting and ad in the Local Paper and hope enough people read it and come running to buy, you could also hope that your products lines are good enough to get your existing customers running towards you saying please can I buy and pushing £10 pound notes into your hand.

You will note from the above that there are 2 hopes in the above sentence so let me remind you. HOPE IS NOT A PLAN.

Lets look at from the other perspective and use the internet to market some of your products and services before Christmas:-

An Unlimited Easy to Reach Market Place – on the Internet

A Targeted Product Specific Market Place – on the Internet

Automated and Immediate Provision of Information – on the Internet

The Ability To Appeal to All Senses, Audio/Visual/Text – on the Internet

I could go and on on but the reality is this, some of you reading this post will say, yeah yeah, and do nothing, and of course that is exactly the kind of attitude that has got your business to where it is today.

Others will read and say, “sounds great I will do some more research, get some help and use it as a springboard for greater profit in the future”

Yet others will say, I must call Richard Smith he will provide me with some guidance, (in case you missed it earlier his number is 0845 226 9106).

Fact is a little action now, a few changes could grow your business exponentially in the coming few months, and with the Christmas Spirit in your favour you would be foolish not to take advantage.

Richard Smith

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