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The Richard Smith – update for those in the Financial Services Business and some important information about Search Engine Optimisation.

Independent Financial Advisers Scam Warning.

I have today been ‘cold called’ today by a firm using a Manchester number claiming to be from a firm called Era and offering me a top spot on Google for search term ‘Financial Adviser’.

Now let me explain a couple of things.

Firstly a reputable firm Newerainternet in Croydon are not linked to this firm.

Secondly, no amount of Money can guarantee you a top position on Google or any other Search Engine, therefore unless you are a Search Engine  there is always  chance that the money you throw at a search ranking will not do what you want it to do.

In simple terms there is a lot you can do, but it is foolish and a damn lie for someone to state you can have a Top Position on any of the Search Engines for a one off payment.

You do have some options and some genuine choices which is why The Richard Smith exists, to provide some honest and practical ways of improving your Website Performance, which can of course be done legally and ethically. Importantly without implementing a simple strategy and tweaking some of your Business Practices a Top Spot on any of the Search Engines will not do you much good.

We of course guarantee your results or your money back.

On  different subject entirely please see the article below from Money Marketing which outlines why Independent Financial Advisers need to take the issues of the Internet very seriously.

A link to the full story is here.

Richard Smith

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