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The Richard Smith manages to arrive at your Office with a range of skills and knowledge for making your business work harder and faster using the Internet, and contrary to popular belief our consultancy is not only about making more money, although for one that seems like a reasonable objective  to have from your Internet activity.

So considering the  need to have an Internet presence is mandatory for nearly every business why is it that nearly everyone of the firms we have worked with since, like for ever. Do not have a PLAN.

Madness, well paid Managing Directors, bright articulate go getters. No Plan!

So they get a website set up and sit back and wait for the money to roll in. Let me tell you this, a Website without a plan is like having a sign in your Front Garden saying Buy Me on it.

Chances are that at some point, someone will come up and  say I want one of those, and the more people that see it the more chance someone is likely to buy.

In the world of The Richard Smith, we call these ‘more people’ traffic or visitors. The more you have the more you will sell (ok there are some provisos here).

You have to have a plan, or it, you,your website, business will fail.

Richard Smith

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