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There is a very quick way to lose a lot of money very quickly and that is to blindly try and use Google Adwords to drive traffic.

For a start you need a target, some research.
Then you need to check the competition and determine where they are positioned.
Then you need to make sure your Web Pages are optimised around your Adwords Ad. You should also ensure your Website is optimised in the first place.
Then you need to ensure you have a conversion strategy in place before you place the ad.

Once you have covered these basic issues you are ready to go.

Now when writing your Adwords Ads you need to make sure you do not fall foul of Googles editorial policy on spelling, grammer etc etc.

And then issues around pricing within your ad to use or not to use.

Consideration then needs to be given the geographic regions – local or not and then the use of the various content networks, and then the key word bid (it is an auction system in part).

You then need to write several ad’s to check for a Click Through Rate (CTR) |Google rewards a good one.

As a business I know that Adwords is a fundamental part of marketing, however it is fraught with downsides if you try and go in blind in fact just like any other form of marketing.

Google and other sources will provide you with the information you need, and there are various training modules available on the net, you can then learn it all yourself (for me since 2001, and from 2004 profitable) or buy in the expertise either way there is a cost.
That said it is one of the greatest laser focused methods of marketing, but it not for the inexperienced unless of course you want to be one of the many that found Adwords to be a little harder than expected.

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