Increasing Sales – Three Questions…

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So you’re a small business owner right?

You are thinking about how you can increase sales?

You’re sick of the b.s that you get every time you look for help with sales or marketing or business finances?

The Covid – 19 issue has slowed you down even more?

Answered yes to more than one of those then you are in the right place.

On the back of my business cards, it states – “the brutally honest truth in a world of self interested crooks, scallywags and charlatans.” because this is exactly how I conduct myself.

If you want smoke blown up your backside or someone to show you how to get x or y overnight. I’m not your man.

Really – thanks for popping by.

That said if you want more sales, better profits and need someone that has an all round ability to get shizzle done – then you my friend are in the right place.

I’m not a twenty one year old ‘social media expert’ (whatever that is) I am a fifty nine year old gnarly Londoner with a bundle of bang up to date digital and business skills. As my clients tell me “I don’t f*$”K around”. I’ll be honest at my age I don’t have time.

I built and sold my financial advisory practice from 1988 – 2010 – ill health forced sale – yeah my life has not been perfect either. and I’ve been doing freelance business development since then.

How good am I at that? Well below here are some stats from recent clients.

Manufacturer – bankrupt in May of last year. Back with a new business in the old market place. Turnover back to pre-bankruptcy levels and nicely profitable.

Doing great on Google – because that is where at least half of your enquiries are likely to come from – yes I manage this for them, an optimised business listing and reviews are what you need to keep the ‘big G’ happy.

Does it work? Stats below.

11 new enquiries in July 2020.

Another client is doing equally as well. Sales up, both in the number of sales and the overall web presence.

This is a rural business that sells internationally. Is doing great in search, doesn’t spend any money on conventional marketing and pokes it’s tongue out at social media.

Of course I can’t guarantee you will get the same results, that’d be what the rest of charlatans will tell you. But I promise to have a go at it and then provide you with a money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work

I’ll be truthful…

…If I don’t think I can help I’ll tell you.

More Business | Better Cash Flow | More Time Off

These are the three things I can do for you.

Ready to talk about doing more with what you have? Then…

…Use the form below.

Send me your mobile number, your contact details (name, email, business name) your website address and the best time to call you. The quicker you do that, the quicker we can both find out if I can help.

If you send the form today, I could be solving some of your problems as early as next week. Once I have your details (and these are not shared) I’ll be in touch to schedule summat.

Unique pay as you go options – no long term commitment, no contracts, money back guarantee – secured by your bank (all payments to me are made by direct debit after invoice)

The form is below. Why not fill it in now – you really don’t have anything to lose.

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