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How is business? I mean really, how is business?  Are you getting all of the income you need, plenty of time off.  Relaxed and chilled, to
the point where you are pinching yourself, in case it’s a dream, or ragged around the edges there really is so much to do?

Challenges – does anyone in your business challenge you, make you step up?

You are an entrepreneur, taking on everything. Looking for more opportunity, never missing a deal. One day you’re going to be in charge of a big business, and then you’ll slow down.

Fact is the above statement is bull, complete rubbish. It’s never going to happen. You  know why – because what you have is a job. You turn up every day and grind through it, but it’s the worst kind of job, because if you don’t turn up you don’t get paid.

Staff run rings around you, they already have too much to do, and can’t possibly do any more. “Not today, guvnor. It’s not possible.”

You have systems that are creaking, no possibility of increasing sales this month. No focus on your marketing and you’re ignoring the most profitable part of the business.

Why is all of this happening? Because you have no systems. No automation and no thought about what you should really be doing.

Clues here are below. Get this right and you’ll soon be on the Golf course, thinking about a large glass of white and a sandwich and not Mrs Jones failed delivery today.

Three Things Your Business Needs.

  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Systems
  • Premium Pricing

These are the three things hings that will bring you the riches you desire but in a sure way, a  defined way. As painful as this maybe, it’s still the truth.

You can’t carry on as you are.  It’s no way to run a business, not in this lifetime or any other.
Old business principles have not changed since gravity was first introduced. Customers still buy for the same reasons.

Tactics have changed, the medium has changed. The people have not.
Avoid being price driven, not being a me too business. Fuck looking at everyone else and then making a (bad) assumption that the price for x should be y. Your competitors  did exactly the same thing. It’s they way to the poor house.

Dipping into existing customers lists  with a spoon, when you should be using a bucket. You need  to be increasing the fequency of sales along with increasing the value of the sale and also focusing in on unconverted leads and the rest of your ‘no sale activity’ along with
putting in place…

Some kind of continuity scheme, so whatever happens your cashflow is improving all of the time.

You business is too fragile to ignore any of these things, it’s a pretty poor job, the one you have at the moment.

Marketing, systems and automation lead to increased cash flow, better profits and more time  with the kids, it also avoids you having to work in a pretty poor job.

Let me show you how you can get all of this sorted, and quickly.

Click on the link below, borrow my brain.

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