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Tilgate Park 2010 (6)My business The Richard Smith  has been providing Lead and Business Generation machines since 2001  we are unique and for 2 main reasons.

If me or my team works with you and does not deliver there will be no charge for our work.

My team and I are happy to work with you on a pay for results basis which means the more success we get for you the more you pay us.

What makes us so different? Firstly we work with organisations like the Federation of Small Business and  Sussex Enterprise (indeed one of our partners has  been a committee member of the Federation).

We have also write extensively for Professional Adviser Magazine on issues such as ‘Social Media Marketing’ and “business development”, I don’t tell this to brag, but to prove that we ACTUALLY know how to do  the stuff we do and are recognised as experts.

We know and understand the needs of business and provide the change required .


Let me prove what  I can do for your firm with  no risk or cost

We will raise your profile in your market place by offering one of a number of free services for your business, these are not ‘little giveaways’ but a genuine part of our service for you and are  given so you can try out a little part of what we do without cost or obligation. Any one of these ‘giveaways’ will add considerable value to your business.

You can call me on 01323 660058 (ask for Richard) or reply to use the contact form below.


If any of these comments apply to you I am absolutely confident that The Richard Smith has a solution for you.

  • “business is  not good”
  • “our website is not paying it’s way”
  • “cashflow is so bad at the moment  we cannot meet our obligations”
  • “customers are just not spending enough with us”
  • “there is not enough time in the day to get stuff done”

We provide marketing and business  blueprints for your business and give you processes to allow much of your marketing to be automated, and in the first instance we do it for you.

Once it is working, and provided you are happy too we hand over the process to you, and you just tweak it to suit.

Our – absolute  CAST IRON guarantee that if at any time you are not happy with our work or it stops delivering leads/business for you we end our relationship with no ongoing commitment (for some firms we will even work on a profit share basis).

If you are a start up  you are very welcome, tell us your idea and we will certainly listen and provide some guidance, we may even end up in business together.

Over the last 5 years we have worked with a range of diverse businesses and I tell you all of this not to ‘sex up’ what we do, but to show that we can work with and have worked with and proven successful for all kinds of firms selling services and products.

Proven in diverse industry’s – Financial Services – Fee Based Financial Planning, Italian Food Importer (selling direct to Consumer and Business) via Direct Mail and Internet Websites (yes targeted Direct Mail still works).

Education and Educational support services.

Accountancy (Franchises)

Yacht Broking ( it’s more competitive than you think).

Telesales and Telemarketing

The Richard Smith provides sustainable increases in business  using very specific methods that have been tried and tested and our  Platinum Business Consultancy is fully subscribed at the moment but if you are looking to increase business levels by 2 or 3 times we are ready to help.

Call  today on 01323 660058 or send me an email here (CONTACT)

Richard Smith

Want To Be Selling More at better prices and doing this with automation and follow up, perhaps making more with what you have ?

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