IFA's – 2010 time for a brand new Sales Process

Over the past 5 years I have been developing a First Class and Dependendable method of driving New Business,and in recent months have started to talk to and implement this strategy to those interested IFA’s that really,  I mean really want to grow and develop a business. I know that the pressure is on with great change in your business and that makes these methods even more powerful than ever before.

irstly I developed these systems (or processes) y to avoid the constant grind of expensive (time wise) Networking Meetings and Time Consuming Advertising that does not deliver targeted leads (read business). On the point of Networking – I tried them all speed/breakfast (more rah rah than anything) and something had to give. So what I have for you is tried and tested. Does it work, well of course it does you are reading this, and of course this is only part of it.

Most IFA’s are a hard working bunch, long hours, early starts and emotionally always trying to keep ahead of the regulator they just need a bit more leverage which is why this system was developed.

What I was looking for was leverage, a system that would allow me to automate much of my marketing and at the same time keep a ‘laser like’ focus on my target areas.

The differences to my business when I started on this course action was that

• ‘free review’ no longer needed.

• Stopped working evenings – never needed too.

• Not had to deal with many “time waster” – you know can’t afford won’t afford.

• Only spoken with potential clients that wanted to, really wanted to deal with me.

I have had more leads and quality business than I need to survive, which for me means a P R O F I T.

I know now that you want to know more and that you are thinking “yeah right” .

So it comes with an offer, I am able to provide you with the same tools and leverage that I have been using, and with the same laser like focus for your business. It comes with a range of software and 12 months of support and training. I am also guaranteeing your success or will not charge you a single penny for my work.

The money back guarantee applies to all work we do for you.

Of course you will have to learn some new skills, of course you may get a bit frustrated (having more money to spend means more decisions).

Initially I am looking to work with a number of IFA’s across the UK and will start with a telephone conversation in order to let you have some more information about my work and to check that you really want to earn more in 2010 than in 2009. You can contact me in the first instance using the number below.

In February I am only taking 5 new clients I do want to keep the quality up. If you are running a network or larger firm I am able to do some group sessions (get in early please). What  I can show you is that this system will work for your business, and will deliver.

Richard Smith

0845 226 9106

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